Single Parenthood

I took the little broken truck

And glued its wheels in place.

I put it back into his hand

And kissed his tear-streaked face.

"Mommy fixed it this time

But you must take more care."

He chuckled, whirled, ran off to play,

And left me standing there.

I fed him well this morning.

At noon we both played ball.

I hug and kiss him daily,

But I can't do it all.

My world is filled with grown up things,

That he can't understand.

Will having just one parent,

Make him any less a man?

My job, our home, the pressures--

I do the best I can,

Then ask the Lord to help me,

And leave it in his hands.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem about a single mother in my church who did a wonderful job with her children as well as earning a RN degree while she worked.  Annette Ryder was her name and I wrote it from listening to her prayer requests and watching her life.

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There are pictures in my head that I alone can see...

memories of a million things that happened just to me,

The day my aunt and I were decked in crisp and frilly dresses,

with an Easter Sunday mud fight we became two awful messes!

I see the Boston terrier pup that I kept in my purse,

too young to be away from mom, but the mother would not nurse.

A picture of a younger me and my three sons one day,

As we gathered neighbor children for a baseball game to play.

The house I lived in as a child, built far back in the woods,

a happy time as memories go when life went as it should.

My mother's hand upon my brow as she sought a fever there,

The warmth that fills me at her touch, and her gentle loving care.

I see the people who are gone to other worlds or places,

and I remember happy times and their laughing smiling faces.

It's just too bad that I can't print these pictures in a book

then everytime that I felt sad, I could take a closer look.

But I am thankful anyway that God gave me a mind

that remembers bits of happiness from other days and time.

And when I need the solace, I can sit in calm respite,

enjoying all my photographs from the vault that holds them tight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by Helen Schmidt's "Kaleidoscope Dreams".  Thank you, Helen.

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(in die verbygaan)

dit was 'n doodgewone dag

die pad het oorbekend gekronkel

deur my drome  verlange het die Poort

aanloklik vir my oop laat gaan:

ek kon Ma-Ada daar sien staan

in Ruiterbosch se oorryp boord

haar hande voel-voel na 'n pruim

vir my ... haar swygsame klein spruit

sy het die dofrooi vruggie na my uitgehou

maar voordat ek kon vat vervloei sy

in 'n miswolk teen die motorruit ...

dan sien ek dit!

'n afgetrokke pa   haastig aan't stap

'n uitgeteerde ma met baba op die heup

wat hink om by te hou ...

die tenger kind

wat op 'n drafstap in wil haal

maar skielik tou-

opgooi en op 'n hopie


om te huil ...

die reis het skielik stroef


ek bly steeds kniel

daar langs die pad -

my soetrooi pruim te ruil

vir glimlaggies deur trane

maar die vergete kindjie

wil nie vat

Author's Notes/Comments: 

By 'n plakkerskamp verby ...

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2001 Poetry

The days you spent

In far away places

The months you were drained

In the Sahara Desert

The years you toiled

In strange places

In increasing your savings

For your Family’s superior being

All nights when you think

Nothing but your dreams

To giving your loved ones

The best kind of living

Confined in solitude

In search for altitude

Gathering fortitude

To containing some attitude

Lucky are they

Who have someone like you

For you put family first

Before anything else

And regards loved ones’ future

As a sole purpose of your existence

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Now this has a deeper meaning to me as my Husband is now in KSA

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So Far Yet so Close

We didn't see eachother that much

I don't really remember the times we had

but the ones I do

I will never forget

You lived so far away

but our hearts were close

I would have done more

to show my love

If I would have known

you would be taken

away from me this soon

You are still so far away

Yet you are still close in my heart

and you always will be

I love you grandma and gramdpa

Rest in peace


Jeremy C.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

They died when I was young. I needed to tell them I loved them.

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i know my name

and have also traced my roots

i know the lamentation of lord brooke

on his myra -

"...mad girls may safely love

as they may leave ..."

i know my depressed mother

and hear rumours

about my german father

although I am burdened with

their sword

my genes have not spoken

the last word:

my heart beats warm

but my head stays cool

gold and silver


in love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Never underestimate rational love ... it keeps the heart in place

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myths intercept me

between thought and word

i am devoted

to the yearning of iris

and the compromise

of clivia

my pain is not carried

by the wester

or inflicted by the sun

nor am i rainbow

or sunflower

longing for zephir

or apollo

my melancholy roots

in the drumbeat of my blood

a nameless loss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My father died when I was three years old. This loss caused the awakening of my introspective side ...

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(glenheath  ruiterbosch dist. mosselbaai)

die wind het uit vrye wil

'n pad gestippel

met die waaisaad

van die jakopregop

vanaf voortuin tot kerkhof

tussen droë stoppels

wat eers kweeksag was

ek volg die roete



deur suisgras

en oor norfolknaalde

struikel oor graspolle

buk stram deur doringdrade

die verlede los skielik

'n tortel

uit 'n verdorde den;


kom sirkel

oor die stilte gespan

oor oupa se marmernaam

'n kénklank:

ja, dيt is dan soos wat 'n soel

laatmiddag voel

in juniemaand ...:

'n sagte, dag vir dag


nou reeds geslagte lank

die groetklank

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ek gaan stap sporadies in die spore van my oorsprong ... om my Bestemming te onthou.

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what happend to us

as we grow older we grow farther apart

once i thought we were the closest

i dont know you any more


from you i gained my drive

my determination

ive learned how to be strong

from you

you are the bravest Person that i know

and my goal is to show that you are appciated


from my father i gained my inspiration

you slaved day to day

to make sure we were all well off

i thank you for being a role model

oldest brother

i learned from you the most valuable lesson

to take from life the joy that it brings

you have a passion for life and people

i could never understand

but i try

middle brother

i gain from you

the knowledge

which i have today

you showed me being smart

isnt a shamful thing

i thank you all

for what i take from you all to

make me

and i wish to repay you all as we grow old

we shall always be attched by blood and creed

our bond is forever and i love all of you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to my family

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