Our Love

He is big and strong and powerful,

Much bigger than I.

He laid his head on my shoulder,

And he began to cry.

He came to me for comfort,

And comfort him I did try.

I felt his pain, I felt his tears,

Tears he could not subside.

I held him close,

And together we cried.

My love for him so strong,

Is a love I can't deny.

I will love him forever,

Until the day I die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my son Tommy

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The Greatest Pain

The day you left me standing there

You left me standing with out a care

I never thought I'd feel so alone

But when you left your feelings were known

You packed your bags and flew away

You never waited to hear what I had to say

I wanted to tell you how you hurt me so

How you made me cry when I had to let you go

The feeling of pain the feeling of dread

The feelings I felt when I heard what you said

I hate the way you said you loved me

I hate the way you say you'll call

I hate the way you let me down

I hate how you made me see

Just how much of a creep you could be

I hate it when you lie

I hate the way you make me feel like I want to die

The person that I loved so dear

Would become the man that I most fear

My dad, my father, my so called friend

Would give me …

The greatest pain I ever felt.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know how to explain it but all I know is that it's a lot of pain that builds up wehny uo find out that one that you love does not love you back.

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Sailing in a sailboat,

Against the current of the sea,

You feel the precious wind

And it makes you feel so free

This time must be remembered

For relaxation is the key

So enjoy where you are now

And be as happy as you can be

Looking up in the air

You see a bird or two

Looking in the water

It’s the brightest shade of blue

You hear the seagulls laughing

As they circle up above

Another joyous day

And that is just what I love

The wind will soon die down

And stranded we will be

Stuck in the same spot

All the same stuff we will see

When the wind returns

We will continue our nice ride

Going with the current

Not against the tide.

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March 29th 4-5-01


Only twenty days old,

So new to this

Different world

Smelling of a

Skin-so-soft scent,

We're so happy

For the days here spent.

Born the nineth

Died twenty days later,

Causing pain for all,

Especially his sister.

Not knowing who he was

Or what would happen,

A child so young would

Never have sinned.

He was taken away

From his whole family

Sabing him wasn't

A possibility

She sits feeling guilty

For something she couldn't do

She lives with regret

Not living her life through

She dreamt that night

That he was going to die

She failed to see

His life already went by

He lives in her soul

Even to this day

She can't get it outa her mind

No matter what people say

Everyone tells her

She couldn't have helped

But even still,

She feels she is at fault

Now he is gone and

All she can do is cry,

Praying that she could have changed

That day, March 29th.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for my little brother benjamin who passed away from SIDS

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Minutes like hours

It makes me mad when you say you'll call

But it hurts me more when you let me fall

It kills me inside to know you don't care

And it made me cry when you were never there

It came a day a month after spring

When on my birthday

My own dad didn't send me a thing

Minutes like hours, hours like days

To give so much love it never really pays

I sit and I wonder what did I do?

But I know now I'll never get love from you

Did you ever love me dad?

Does it cause you pain to see me so sad?

Or have you ever seen just who I've become

I'm not like you I'm not like mom

I'm just a teen girl with so much pain

Nothing to lose, nothing to gain

Minutes like hours, hours like days

You never loved you never cared

But to be hurt so bad I was never prepared

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It'll never be the same

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Born you were

the third of four

smiling eyes,

rosy cheeks

content with yourself

for many a weeks

you laughed

you played

you did your best

under the circumstances

the upheaval and unrest

finally maturing through

ups and downs

richer or poorer

may your pathway to

the future be secure

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my daughter on her b'day 6/30/01

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Everyday Is Unknown


That's all you say is


word's echo from behind closed walls.

"All day YOU cheat,

YOU lay in bed.

Then at night

YOU get up and out

looking to be fed."

The words continue as the

Lunar Cycle draws near.

Words that many children fear.

Alert at dawn; and as

the sun sets

the trigger in the brain finds

words well worn.

Challenges for many to be met.

Is it Alzheimer's? Is it a demented

state of deterioration?

Is it taught? Is it inherited?

Questions raised by loved ones

lacking empathy...

         Wrath Entwined.

No complete answers are found to date.

Lest us protect and with loved ones


Strange environs,

aggravating stimulus

Enhance the psyche's

negative force.

Where does the loyalty


What is Right?

         What is Wrong?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for all who are living in a world of unknown

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Esprit De Corp


Copyright 6/26/00

In the military Esprit de Corp

Meant team, brotherhood and much more.

Before the idea of teams started catching on

Esprit de corp was bringing the idea home.

Diverse backgrounds, pulling together,

Overcoming obstacles, in all kinds of weather.

It was all for one, and one for all,

We worked hard together, played hard together, and had a ball.

I miss those days and the comradarie,

Where we supported each other and the team.

We are so hurried today, we don't have time to bind

And to focus a whole team to be of one mind.

In war, we depended one upon another,

And were closer in some respects than brothers.

We avoided friendships, to avoid the pain of loss,

But Esprit de Corp held us together at all costs.

When friday rolled around,

Once a month we'd put our dollar down.

Someone would buy beer, and ice, to keep it cold

And we would all get pie-eyed, listening to stories told.

It wasn't formal, we had a good time

Learning where we came from, jelled that like mind.

The next day, as our head pounded, and we wondered what for,

What it was, was what it is, it is Esprit de Corp.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In some respects the military was way ahead in team building.

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Kimmie Doll

has anyone told you how beautiful you are today

let me tell you how you radiate... all that is good

a women now, but I dont want to let go

my baby girl all grown up, ready to start a life

dont forget I'm here for you

always in your corner

where ever your journeys may take you I'm but a call away

I miss you and you haven't even left

Kimmie doll I love you so much

19 today, pride overflowing in my heart

the soul of an angel you possess

a true beauty so rare

I know its selfish but I want you with me.... forever

I can't help what my heart feels

with love though.......I'll watch you spread your wings

bittersweet pain when you take flight

So much of life you've  yet to see

always know when the world gets cruel... I"ll still have warm arms

when you trip and fall I'll help you up.....I'll  brush you off

my heart will miss you every single day.....but I know you'll soar

love yah Kimmie doll!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kimm you are a very big part of my heart and I have loved you since the moment you were conceived and for past 19 years I have cherished every moment with you.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY babe

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