Yesterday seems so far away

Time passes by so slowly now

So many unanswered questions

No time to say goodbye

You gave sight to 2 small boys

But now I cant see you

You truly were a princess

Though you had no time to reign

I close my eyes and I remember

Your wide smile

You child like laughter

A beautiful person you were

Never again will you call me auntie

Never shall I see you grow and marry

If I could of changed places with you....I surely would

I miss you so much

Goodbyes are so final

Wait just a moment longer.......

Although I cant see you any longer dear

You are safe forever more in my HEART

Loving you always Auntie

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem one year after my beautiful niece passed away at the tender age of 17

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Tim Marshall's picture

Goodbye's are no fun,i didn't need to cry today, SARA 17 maybe it's true only the good ! GREAT POEM

Shelley Berces's picture

Thak-you sis for caring. I love this piece.I know sara would too. Shelley

Charles Cisco's picture

Once again, the poems brings out the emotions of losing someone. It takes all of the items a person would miss when their loved one moves on. the author puts so much meaning into the poem, so much feeling. it also makes me feel so much love for Sara, a person I have never met.

Andrew Cook's picture

Wonderfully crafted. It deals with the issue of death quite eloquently. I feel the second stanza is the strongest, and the title adds a haunting power to the piece as a whole.

hawksquaw99's picture

beautiful piece of writing.... thank you for posting this wonderful piece with us.....