Some time ago

I had a chance

to spend time with

and get to know

the thoughts of

a young marine

he was a cut up

always had a smile

and one that would

knock you out

he got better looking each day

just ask him about it

I know it will laugh then say

"yeah, it's so... I do don't you think?"

he is honest sometimes too much so

he can look mean when you see a picture

jaw tight, eyes that can look right through

coldness from a stare

one that can take your breath

but then the smile

can melt even the hard of hearts

the warmth this young marine

can show to his family

can bring a tear to ones eye

I have watched as time goes on

all the trials and tribulations

he has faced and dealt with

he has turned out to be a hell of a man

and this is something that makes me proud

for you see this young marine is my brother

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for my brother.... he has at times been the thing that made the most sense in my life....

I love ya ....

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