Some kids think Daddies are here to spank,

To scream at them,

Or to corrected them,

But that is wrong!

Dads are also:



And a wonderful man!

That is trying to lead his kids in the right path,

But there are some that don't care!

They let their kids do what they want to,

But that is the wrong type of Daddy!

But guess what Dad you are the right one,

I learned from what I have done,

And you taught right from wrong!

I hope you can see my love and care,

Because I will always be here!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey, everyone this is to my Dad is Birthday is tomorrow 8/25!  I hope my dad likes and u too!  I'm not sure that it is that great, but it's okay!!  Critique plz!!

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A Mother


A mother's love holds no limit when looked upon by her child

It's God's greatest gift, Heaven's present, a special call from the wild

In her eyes, and tender touch, a certain truth is told

Her loving arms, and softest words are worth much more than gold

The embrace she gives is safe and warm, a feeling unlike no other

There's a special bond, a secret link that ties you both to each other

The love she has is eternal, and has absolutely no end

She's there when you need her help, she always has a hand to lend

So kiss her cheek and tell her, just how special she really is

Because no matter what you do or say, you are one she always forgives

Take her hand and look into her eyes, and tell her "I love you"

Because no matter what ever happens...those three words are always true

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Umm...I was acctually PISSED at my mom when I wrote this, lol...ironic huh?

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A world of war, a life of pain

So much fighting, but what do we gain

We send off our soldiers to fight and to kill

They fight with great honor, big hearts and great will

They think of their loved ones as they go off to fight

They fight for our freedom our choice and our right

We help other nations in their time of need

We help them defend and we help them succeed

Innocents are killed as the war goes on longer

Their family seeks revenge and the war just gets stronger

When will it end, this war and this killing

Don't people realize how much blood we are spilling

I hope all these battles are not fought in vain

And I hope that one day it is peace we obtain

My father must go off to war to help fight

And I pray to the heavens that he'll be alright

I don't want to lose him if I did a part of me would be dying

I would die in my heart and I would never stop crying

I hope that they win and I hope they make peace

But most of all I hope that all fighting would cease . . .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was acctually the first real poem I ever wrote.  I made it for my father and a contest.  My inspiration, was the fact that he was getting sent to war (duh).

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A friend when one is needed, a shoulder to always cry upon

The ones who are always there for me, when everyone else is gone

My sisters are there to care for me, they keep me strong inside

Whenever I am in danger I know they would never hide

They are there to comfort my sadness, and push away my fears

They are my closest friends and family, whom I'll cherish over the years

A single poem is not good enough, to express the gratitude I have for them all

I could never give back the happiness I receive when they each answer my call

They mean more to me than anyone, and I wish them forever content

And I swear to always be by their sides and show them just how much they've meant

To All My Sisters

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is dedicated to all my sisters, who have always been there when I needed you.  Thanks so much.

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The pain I feel is dark and deep.  My bloodstained tears hit the ground.

My soul full of hate is covered with deceit.  My voiceless screams make no sound.

My heart is shattered and torn to shreds, the ones that I love now gone.

The fantasy lies fill each of their heads and I feel as if I were played as a pawn.

In this darkest hour I cry alone in a room I once felt was mine.

But that security and calm that I once felt it had, has vanished in such a short time.

I cannot express the hurt that I feel as the one that I love left my side.

I thought only of him as I sat here and wrote and as I quietly cried.

My brother, my heart, a piece of my soul, as turned against me in hate.

He cannot see the love I have for him, and is stuck in the illusions he creates.

His hateful words were poison in my heart and I wished that death would come soon.

But here I sit instead, by myself and cry in the darkness of my room.

We once shared a home in peace and love, but something had changed that all.

Fighting began, and people were hurt and our once happy home began to fall.

Our home was not savable so a change he set forth, trying as hard as he could.

But little did he realize that all he had done was destroyed the ground on which I stood.

I still do not hate him, this brother of mine; although he hates me I�m sure.

I only wish that he could se that all my intentions were nothing at all except pure.

And so I sit in my darkened room, writing my tears away.

And I can only hope that no matter what, always a family we�ll stay.

Dedicated to Nemesis and Lee

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was going through some hard times when I wrote this, and I wanted to dedicate something to my two WONDERFUL brothers, Griffen and Lee.  I love you both no matter what.

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My Mother

I grew up in a family I know wasn't perfect,

but we all managed to make it through.

Whenever I think back I know it was worth it,

but without her I wouldn't know what to do.

She helped me to believe in destiny

and showed me how to be a leader.

Whenever I was down she would rescue me,

and was there when I felt I needed her.

Nomatter what happened she didn't let go

and did everything to keep us together.

Even when I did wrong she wanted me to know

she would love me always and forever.

We all make mistakes, and yes she hurt me in the past,

but I forgave her and moved along.

Now we have a friendship I know will last,

because she raised me to be a woman who's strong.

She always hoped the best for me to do right,

and not to follow in her footsteps.

Though we would argue and sometimes fight,

honestly, I have no regrets.

Sometimes when I look into her eyes

I can see a part of me there.

I can feel her pain whenever she cries,

and I know we have a love which is rare.

Nomatter what she'll be in my heart

and could never be replaced for another.

She's beautiful, intellegent, straight forward, and smart,

and that woman will always be my mother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Now I have the deepest respect for my mom who has made so many changes in her life to better herself. Love ya.

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My Special Brother

I am so glad that you are my brother,

And I know I haven’t been a great sister.

Thanks for helping me through my life,

And I’m glad that we are in the same hive.

I’m happy for you,

And I hope you go through,

College with great success.

I’m glad God put us together,

We will be together forever.

Even in our hearts,

When we do apart.

I hope God stays with you,

And he will help you through,

You’re live, even through hard times,

And you might even be in some binds,

That God will help you through.

Thanks for being my brother,

And I love you forever.

Have a great time at college!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is to my brother, the reason I wanted to make a poem is, because he is a senior this year and I will miss him at school.  I love you!:)

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Poems of Sadness

How much sadder

A lot sadder

My heart is gone

Forever and ever

Never come back

Until he does

I guess you can say

He was my brother

My life is going away

But I hope it comes back someday!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poems is dedicated to a kid name Gage.  I babysited him for about 2 months, and then his mom laid me off, b/c she didn't need me anymore.  Now he is going to be moving to Abilene, he is the coolest kid in the world.  Love you, Gage!  

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There are times when you need to move on with your life

Times when you need to step up in life

Times when you need to be responsible for you

And that time is now

You made it through easy part of life

And now you are moving on

But one thing you don?t move away from in life

And that is your family

We will be here for you through thick or thin

Or even when you are having a great time

We will be happy for you

One thing I will never forget

Is the time that you and I have shared together

The happy times

And there were sad times

Even when we were mad at each other

We never stopped loving each other

Now that you are becoming a man

Just never forget the real man is what you are

Never change

Never give into anything that you are not sure of

But always follow what you think is the best

Don?t do it if you aren?t sure

Now I say congratulations

On everything you have achieved in life

Just don?t forget you still are going to achieve more and more


When you need anything

God is there

And so am I

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to my brother, he graduated this year 2001!  I just want everyone of ya'll to know that I love him dearly, and forever!  I will miss him when he leaves, but I will hold him dear in my heart!! Thanks for reading, critique thanks!!

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