born of the same mother

six years apart.

one older, one younger,

i in the middle

not knowing what's deep

in each other's heart.

we shared a childhood.

we weren't very close.

there was a bit of

sibling rivalry i suppose.

when the elder was

fully dressed for a date

the rules were set

don't even think of

being late.

i admired her outfit and

the rosiness of her cheeks.

as soon as the auto would

carry her off

to her closet i would go

for dress-up of course.

the youngest would be all

snuggled in her bed.

with innocent dreams

dancing in her head.

as years passed by

life pulled us

further apart

out of fear of

knowing what's

deep in each other's


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My sisters and me. 05/25/01

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Looking back

over the years.....

years of smiles

years of tears.....

the gator I fed

the birds I raised

my nephews and family

ice on the trees

my pup standing in snow

old beaus from my past

my dads house

the old chicken coup

oh my how these things touch my heart.

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B r o t h e r . . . .

If I had a brother

I’d want him to be

Everything you are to me

Someone who tells me

what I do is stupid

yet still makes my tears go away

To laugh with me

and feel my pain

to tell me its alright

maybe I’m not truly insane

Even when we fight

or just crab at each other

I want you to know

I still love you

unlike any other

If I had a brother

I’d want him to be

Kind and nice too

All the things that are YOU

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a close friend of mine

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Back in April of '68

my mom gave birth

to one of the cutest

most treasured gifts

my brother

now let me tell you

he and I

have not always been so close

for those times

I am truly sorry

but that is in the past

now we are adults

with lives of our own

both busy with day to day life

he with his kids

and his beautiful wife

me with work

and my sweetie

we talk on the phone

sometimes getting lost

in our own little world

he is so like my mom

at times it really blows my mind

he can give me a look

that makes me have chills

it's like looking

right into her eyes

then there are times

he is just my brother

a friend and confidante

he will not be happy

with me for writting this

but I had to get these things out

I love him with all my heart

and would not trade

his love and respect

for anything in this world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for you my brother..... hope that you are not too angry with me for this.....

hope that you get a nice feeling from this....

I love ya

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He is a country man,a quiet,simple man:

and more-he has seen the Red Kites at play,

High in the sky,whirling,diving in aerobatic flight.

And he has seen the Buzzards in ciurtship

In mid-air, almost colliding,they gently touched,

Never impeding their fast flight of joy.

He is a lucky man to have seen such things,

And more-he has stroked his lover's auburn hair;

As he kissed her goodnight in the blackout of war;

As real today as it was that first night.

He is a fortunate man to have wedded her,

And more-he has heard the cry of his first born,

Seen him grow up,and marry his own lovely bride.

The growing up of his grandchildren brought him great joy,

The prospect of their children greater joy still.

He is an elderly man to have had all this!

And more-he has smelled wars, death and destruction.

Lived through it all,and smelled once again

The heather on the hills,and the gorse by the river

Just as he did when he was a child.

He is a thankful man to have lived this life!

And more- he has tasted life to the full,

Lived it as well as he knew how,

An elderly,simple,fortunate,country man;

A happy man- that's me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on my 81st,birthday.To prove that I was still capable.

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you suffered the pain

to let us see the beauty

of the world

we are thankful


you fed us, clothed us, and kept us warm

we are so blessed,


you taught us the rudiments of life

you wiped our tears

kissed our worries goodbye

it made us stronger

it made us secured

yet, after all

the love and affection you showed

you unexpectedly deserted us

we asked so many questions

but found the answers are few

we groped our way

walked through dense thickets

thorns nipping at fragile skins

until finally we found a clearing

we've made it Mother

you'll be proud of us

come see us once again

time has brought you back

while tears of hurt welcomed you

we realize

now is the time that we show you

the strength of will we have gathered

most of all to let you know

that our arms are wide

to embrace you

back to us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A letter...  A child's sentiments...

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Duzzie was her name

brown eyed beauty, ringlets plentiful

a grown soul in a young girls body

Duzzie was her name

years were hard to her at times

they all thought she was the rock,

alas such a tender soul she really is!

capable of that deep ...all intense love

she knows no other way

she believes in things unseen

giving to  him  all her heart and soul

putting her fate in only his hands, asking for nothing

saving herself for that once in a lifetime love

confused by those who just cant give the same way

learning , growing,  standing on her own

my heart smiles, she touches me

thankful I am, that she is a part of my life

she lights a room and doesnt even know it

soothes a soul with a simply smile

mends a broken heart with a mere hug

and I have seen her make those who can't walk

Duzzie was her name

but some now call her MS Thang!

giggling till I burst

I watch as this  beautiful rose before me blooms

Author's Notes/Comments: 

: Dawn I love you hun and I really do owe you one!
I am forever thankful for all you do for my, soul.
One day when I grow up I want to be just like you
but I dont plan on doing that for awhile hehe :o)~
My pen was filled  with love instead ink!

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"Loving in the Sky"

by Jeph Johnson


Dream a dream of you and me
Let our thoughts be one
Allow your cares to slip away
Setting like the sun
Because when you are here and near to me
I just can't let go my love
Calling me like the falling stars
That drift by through the sky
Dream of you and me this night
Embracing together tight
We are joined this lonely time
Almost living in the sky


Dream a dream for all to see
Emotions on the run
Fleeing like the dusky sky
When morning signals dawn
Because when you and I must separate
I just can't let go my love
Joining us in a glowing bond
That's so close when you go
Dream of you and I tonight
In my arms I hold you tight
We are one this lasting time
We are loving in the sky


Dream a dream that we can be
It will come true soon
So far away yet in our sight
Shining like the moon
Because when you are far away from me
I just can't let go my love
Shading me like the clouds at noon
Dreams obscure all my fear
Dream of you and I just right
Together we shine so bright
Can't be with you though I try
I can love you in the sky


Dream a dream eternally
Throughout forevermore
Lighting up the cold, dark night
Like lightning in a storm
Because what you and I anticipate
I just can't conceive alone
We both combine like space and time
To ignite a new life
Dream of family tonight
In our arms he's held so tight
We feel joy this precious time
We are loving in the sky

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1984, music by Jeremy Smith

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My Life

You tell me your thoughts

Though I really don't care

What you think of her

It's my life, not yours

You've had your run

Now it's my turn to try

You've taught me what not to do

And I have the strength to follow that

I understand your concern,

But let me decide.


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