Honesty brings Happiness

Once upon a time, in jungle far far away, there was a troop of monkeys having a difficult time collecting bananas, because the foxes were stealing the bananas for themselves. Moonkee, a little monkey was searching for bananas far from home in a very tall tree. After several hours of searching for bananas Moonkee has just found a banana in a high place for him to reach, nevertheless, he tries to grab the banana, but after several tries the banana´s stem broke apart and fell down into a big pond of water. Moonkee was sad, because he lost his only chance to get a banana, and he couldn´t get into the water since he can´t swim. At the moment he was about to leave, Moonkee heard a voice coming out from behind. When he turned back to see whom it was, he saw a white swan. Moonkee was surprised to see the beauty and grace of the swan. Then, the white swan asked Moonkee why did he look so sad and Moonkee replied “I lost my only chance to have something decent to eat for the day, now I’ll have to satisfy with grass and leaves.” the white swan out of nowhere took out several bananas and held them in one hand, and a single banana on the other hand. He asked Moonkee which one was his, and Moonkee pointed to the single banana. The white swan amazed with Moonkee´s honesty decided not only to turn back his lost banana but grant him the bunch of bananas as well. Moonkee then went back with his pack of bananas with the other monkeys. When the monkeys asked where did he get all of those bananas he explained everything that had happened. Every monkey was so interested in listening to the story that they didn’t put attention to their surroundings, behind them someone was watching them really carefully. It was a fox, it occurred to him that he should do the same as the monkey so he can receive more food, and so he did. The fox went to the big pond of water and threw a banana, expecting the white swan to come out. After several hours, the fox got tired of waiting and turned back to go home, that´s when he heard the same voice Moonkee had heard, the voice of the white swan. The fox turned back and was mesmerized with the beauty of the white swan. The swan asked the fox if he had lost anything, and the fox replied: "I lost a big bunch of bananas", the swan took out only 1 banana and asked the fox: "is this banana yours´?" and the fox replied: "No, I lost a bunch of bananas, not only 1" and that´s when the white swan realized that the fox was lying and all that he wanted was to seize the chance of getting more food, so the white swan decided to punish him for what he had done. The fox shall go to the exile where he will not be able to enjoy the delight of bananas and will receive just a meal for a day, unless someone shows mercy for him and he can only come back after reconsidering the consequences of telling lies.

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