When men disapeard


Thirty years after the last human was seen. All the plants got together and the trees being the strongest had the word first and  asked, “Now that the humans are gone, should we take back what is ours?”  All plants agreed with what the trees said, so then, the division of the land started. The trees being the tallest and the strongest, they took over the skies, so, they started growing on the sky scrapers. The grass being the smallest but the most expansive, took over the ground, so they started growing on streets and roads. The lily pads, being graceful, they took over water, so they started growing on pools. Everything was going well, so peaceful, everyone was living in harmony and they helped each other out.  One day the trees thought as they were the biggest and strongest, and this made them feel superior, that they deserved not only to live in the sky scrapers, but also on land. So the trees came down from the skyscrapers and went on the start living on the streets. Were this was supposed to be grass territory. A meeting was called by the grass (which was strange because all the meetings were called by the trees). When they everyone arrived grass opened the floor and stated that they disliked trees actions and did not like how they just arrived and took their space. The trees ignored and continued living on grass territory. One day the all the trees got together and the biggest of them all said, “We are trees, we can live where we want, we can have whatever we want.” The trees were so greedy that they moved on to live in the lily pads territory, which was the water. The trees now dominated all three areas in which they could live in, this made all animals and the rest of the plants uncomfortable. The grass, , and the lily pads got together without the trees and started talking about the trees attitude.   They started to argue and they started getting really angry at the trees for feeling superior and taking away the pre-established space, they moved forward to telling the trees that they should go back to the skyscrapers and they should stay in their space, the trees did not agree. Madness broke out, grass and Lily pads started setting borders around the territories trees had dominated, they stopped helping the trees. They started tearing apart. As years went by, they started talking differently, they had different cultures, different ways of living, and from the day that the trees started being greedy, ever since that day, the world now has borders, differences between regions that are neighbors, hate among same living species, and lack of tolerance against others.

Javier Vazquez

Erij Alexander

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