Hard To Love


I'm Hard To Love, Hard To Love
You've Gotta Be Pretty Amazing
To Sweep Me Off My Feet
To Keep My Eyes Locked On You
Looks Aren't Enough To Grab My Attention
Words Can't Compare To What I'd Like To Hear


It Might Be Hard To Steal My Attention
Not Saying It's Easy To Do At All
Perhaps You Might Be My Type
You Might Deserve My Love
I Think You're Right
I'll Hold On To You Forever
Whatever Hits Us Will Fall Off


You May Be a Wreck
But I Still Love You
I'll Lift Your Soul Up
I'll Heal Your Broken Heart
I'll Purge Those Wounds
And Make You More Beautiful Then Before


Nothing Can Break This Bond Between Us
This Incomparable Love
Indestructible Unconditional Joy
A Kiss That Lasts Forever
A Hug That Relieves Anything
Tell Me Whatever You Need
And I'll Be There To Provide It For You

Deliver Me From The Pain


Do These Eyes Look Tired To You
Do These Eyes Look Weary At All
I Could Run Another Mile
I Could Sprint To Save Another Life
But The Love Has Been Lost
As My Hearts Shaking And Breaking
I Can't Do This Alone
Help Me Help Your Soul
Help Me Find Myself Lost Inside A Battle


Drowning Yourself With Music
It Makes Me Sad To See Myself
To Look At All The Shame Of Ourselves
Just Because Our Eyes Are Shut
Forgive Me If We Tear The Pages
Cause I'm Tired Of The Old Chapter
I've Always Wanted More
But I'm Losing Control Of Myself


I Don't Think You See The Places That I See
The Dreams That I've Always Dreamed
The Words I Long To Say But Stumble Upon Heart
Tell Me Exactly What I'm Suppose To Do
With My Heart So Dry And Depleted
I Don't Think You Really Understand
But Why I Do I Always Fall On Myself

I Couldn't Exactly Understand Every Reason


Save Me Lord I Can't Trust Myself
These Wounds That Appear On My Skin
Causing Pain Only To See It Was Me
The Blood Rushing Goes To My Head
Heal The Wounds That Steal My Mind
The Aches And Pain Repeats The Stream
Its a Battle I Face All The Time
The Rage That Quits Over The Time
And Rinses Just To To Join Again


I Know I've Got A Major Problem
A Risk Of The Soul In Danger
The Angry Fury Consumes My Energy
I Can't Control Myself Dear Lord
But What Shall I Do
With The Thoughts Of A Sinner
Silence That Passes Over


Just To See That I'm Tearing My Hairs Out
Sometimes It Gets Hard For Patience To Pass By
The Waiting For The Greater Good
To Heal The Wounds Of My Soul
Cause I Know Someones Out There
So I Can't Give Up Just Yet

You Still Love Me Anyways Because You Care


In The Darkness I Escape
In The Corner I Hide Myself
The Place Where My Fear Traps Myself
The Place No One Else Knows
Somewhere I Never Change
The Pain I Feed Myself
I'm The Only To Blame
The Sorrow I've Drowned Myself In


Too Much Time I've Let Myself Down
The Waiting For A Never Happening Future
Counting The Minutes That Pass By
The Moments I Never Take Why Even Try
My Life Is So Painful To Live
The Tears That Take So Much Time
It Just Tears My Heart To Pieces


But You Come Along And You Wipe My Tears Away
Why Does It Seem So Dark Outside
Why Are You Here To Save Me
I Have Faced Sorrow And a Childhood Full Of Pain
But You Choose To Love Me


The Reasoning Behind Your Answers I Will Never Know
Still You Come Near Me And You Hold Me Tight
Nothing But Coldness Left In My Heart
Why Do You Still Choose To Love Me
Am I Really Worthy Of Such Love


I've Ignored You For So Many Times
Denied Your Calls And Texts You Sent Me
But You Still Come To My Aid
Am I That Worth Your Time
The Seconds Drawn Past The Clocks Hand
Days Past By And I'm So Scared


Your Love Is Keeping Me Alive
Beautiful Eyes That Shed So Many Tears
To Tell You That I'm Sorry Won't Mean Much
But You Feel My Pain And Sense The Stress I Emit


Your Hugs Give Me That Comfort
The Love I Can't Explain To Anyone
Affection Of A Caring Friend
There's No Words To Make Up For
But The Love You Give Me
Even If I Do Not Deserve That Love
You Still Love Me Anyways
Because You Care About Me
Those Words And All Of These Actions
I Can't Ever Replace With Anything Else

Saved From The Messiah


I Know Its A New Road
And I've Got A Long Ways To Go
But Sometimes I Stop Walking
I Pause Mid Life In The Night
And I'm Wondering What's Keeping Me Alive
I Know I've Got Great Potential
And I've Got A Great Future


But Sometimes I Just Wonder
Why Was I Blessed For So Much
For Someone Who Meant Nothing To The World
Why Would God Save Someone Who Had No Life
Someone Who Didn't Mean Anything To Anyone
With Nothing But Sadness And Loneliness In His Heart
And Such Sorrow And Tears Cried All The Time


Why Did He Choose Someone So Little Of Talent
A Life Filled With Disappointment And Grief
A History Filled With Agony And Affliction
Such Troubles That Rain In So Much Pain
Suffering And Trapped In A Plagued Tumor
I Don't Understand The Situation
This Confusing Weird Circumstance
Unknown Mysterious Condition
The Distress Heartbreaking Despair


What If I Didn't Make It Out Alive
If This Sadness Consumed My Soul
The Suffering Of The Tormented Heart Ached Fool
I Know I've Got A Lot To Be Thankful For
But I Don't Know What I Should Do With This Life
If It Weren't For Jesus Christ To Save My Soul


I Couldn't Understand With Isolated Blindness
The Reason Of Condition Or Understanding Why Save Me
The Tears That Drowned My Heart
The Sadness The Haunted My Mind
Swirling Confusing Of The Addicted Gamer
I Couldn't Always See The Light
I Couldn't Always Push Forward The Next Day
But Since I Found The Place That Saved Me
The Amazing And Incredible Place Called Tree House


I Could Finally Breathe In My Life
Beyond These Doors I Thought Were Filled With Sadness
But When I Opened The Doors Into The Light
I Could Finally Open Up My Eyes For The First Time
No More Tears Could Stop My Pain
These Amazing People That Lend Me Their Hand Of Salvation
The Deep Affectionate Hugs Shared With Me


It's Been Two Years Since Jesus Christ Stepped Into My Life
I Don't Always Understand Why You Saved Me God
But I Believe You Wanted Me To Share The Love You Gave Me
For You Loved Me Before I Knew The Meaning Love
Thanks For An Entire Life Time With Jesus Christ
I've Got An Amazing Salvation I Can't Take Granted For
But I Gotta Share With The World With Your Presence

Someone Different


There Is No Reason To Be Ignorant
No Plans For Destruction Or Revolution
But When We're Hurting And We're Breaking
Why Do They Continue On
They Torture And Destroy Our Confidence
Ongoing Insults And Judgements Against Us


Nothing But a Flame Left In Our Hearts
A Raging Burst Of Fire
My Fists Burn With Rage And Anger
Cause We Are The People You Reject
The People Who Spread The Kindness
The Ones Who Spread The Peace And Love
But You Put Us Down To Dust


Tell Me Why Are We Any Different
Why We Deserve Any Different Than Among Them
You Can Try And Tell Me That I'm Worth Nothing
I'll Stand All Day And Kneeling On Bleeding Knees Till I Fall
But You Won't Make Bring Me Down With All Your Hate

The Love That Cuts And Heals

It Hurts Me To See You Cry
It Hurts Me To Hear Your Pain
The Pain I Can't Erase In Your Heart
To Ease The Pain Of What I Can't See


The Worst Part Is That I Hurt You This Way
What I'd Do To Make Up For My Mistake
I Would Do Anything It Takes
To Make It Up To You
To Make You Smile Once Again
And Make You Happy All Over Again


When The Time Passed By
And The Moments Are Gone
I See You Sitting On Your Steps
Lost Tiring Sight Into The Grass
How Long Have You Waited
Why Are You Here All By Yourself
Did You Call For Somebody to Accompany You
But Nobody Came To Sit By Your Side


I Wasn't Notified By You Or Anyone
That You'd Be Here All By Yourself
But I Felt An Uneasiness In My Heart
I Didn't Know What Troubled My Mind
So I Trusted My Soul In My Heart
And Now I See You're Sitting Here


Why Does The Pain Hurt So Much
What Makes Our Hearts Hurt From Love
When Love Can Be So Strong
Yet It Can Be The Deepest Cut In Hearts
Though It Can Be The Fastest Healing Method
The Boldest Comforting Assurance From Anybody
Love Sure Can Be The Most Hurtful
Or Be The Greatest Feeling In The World

The Love That Sheds Tears

I Lost My Hope When You Let Go
When I'm Falling Down To Pieces
Its Hard To Get Back Up
When You're Being Pushed To The Ground
And When The Tears Begin To Rain
The Heart Begins To Flood In With The Pain


You Know, Sometimes I'm So Down On Myself
I Feel Like I'm Already On The Ground
And There's No Way Getting Past The Door
Sometimes I Just Wanna Cry And Drown In The Rain
To Close The Door And Shut The World Away
The Pain That Keeps Seeping In My Skin
It Draws Out The Past And Consumes The Joyfulness Away
Like An Angel Drifted Away And The Blessing Faded Away


All That I'm After Is To Lift The Souls Of Others
To See The Smiles Of The Young
The Joyful Shouts Of Laughter
To The Sorrow Turning To Joyfulness
But At Last That I'm At The Drawing Point
The Gasping Lowest Point In Emotions
Maybe I'm Just Wasting My Time
But I Wouldn't Be Here If It Weren't For You
How Could I Be So Blind In My Eyes
When I Left The Light Wasting Away To Dark


Times Like The Past
Im Sitting Down Outside Alone
The Shivering Cold Forsakes Me
To Lower My Physical Status
And Empties My Pain To Spikes
What Am I Waiting For In Life
What Am I Even Looking For


When My Dreams Appeared So Close
Resembled The Loneliness Of My Soul
The Reason Why I Was Brought Here
But No One Can Hear Me
Between The Pain And Tears
There's Only Fear Ascending


God I Know You'll Search For Me
I Feel You Drawing Near My Presence
But I'm Losing The Grip On Myself
While My Skin Dries Faster Than Tears
And The Beating Of My Heart Beats Slower
I'm Praying For The Lost Love
The Last Resort, My Healing Savior Jesus

Proof Of A Miracle


I Wanna Fly Past The Sky
But My Breathes Reaching It's Limit
I Can't Go Back
This Road Is Rigid Difficult
I Hear Hear The Words Of My God
I Trust You Higher Than What My Mind Can Imagine
A Force Greater Than Human's Most Fit Physical Strength
I Wanna Be Free, I Wanna Be Strong


Using My Freedom For A Greater Purpose
A Strong Person That Help Others
Scars Made From The Sinners
While Our Friends Were Having Fun
Why Did You Not Come To Our Aid
When We Screamed For Your Name
You Didn't Even Bother To Listen


If We Stretched And Reached Our Hands
Wouldn't We Have Saved Our Allies
Our Hands To Hug Those We Love
The Improve And Increase Our Resistance
To Loosen Up The Heart And Soul
And Let The Love Evolve Into Something Great


Why Aren't We Running To Give Hugs
To Heal The Hurt Of The Sinners
The Broken And Desperate Calling Out For Jesus
I Know I Can't Do This Alone
So I'm Praying You Hear My Name


This Spiritual Energy Used For Good
I Know Words May Mean Nothing
But If We Can Use Our Minds To Heal The Broken
To Send Into The Holy Spirit
And Send Into The Rest Of The World
Where We Can't Reach, Can't Set In By Foot


We Can Do Anything, Miracles Happening Everywhere
Who Needs Evidence When We Can Experience It
Don't A Hand Print Or Foot Print For The Marks Of Proof
Cause We're The Proof Of God's Miracles
The Miracles Shined For The Glory Of God

Stubborn By Actions; But Determined At Heart


Do You Remember Those Good Times
Those Times Where We'd Laugh And Have So Much Fun
We Would Never Have To Worry About A Thing
But Now You're Gone And I Don't Know What To Do
The Days Grow Longer All The Time
And Every Time I Wake Up
Its Easily Darker Than Last Night


They Say Every Day That You're Alive
You're Stronger Than The Day Before
But These Tirelessly Days Cause Weariness
And My Eyes Are Heavily Falling Asleep
I Force My Eyes To Stay Awake
But The Light Seen In My Eyes
Drifts Away Like a Passing Cloud


Where Are You God, My Lord
I Have Prayed Longer Than The Dark Nights
These Tears Are Extremely Dry
I Know I'm Tired And So Exhausted
But What Shall I Do In The Mean Time
Though My Free Time Grows Larger
What Does It Take To Be Free Again


I'm Totally Lost With Myself
The Path Of Light Has Dimmed Down
I Have Not Given Up On You Jesus
For You Have Saved Me From Death
And The Penalty Of Depressed Suicide
What Shall I Do For The Coming Days


The Darkness Shall Not Consume Me
For I Have Hope In You Jesus
The Words Of Enemy May Persecute Me
They May Say I Am Worth Of Nothing
They Might Tell Me To Stop Trusting In You
They May Say There Is No Hope In My Future
But The Words Of Them Mean Nothing To Me
For I Shall Not Worry Of Any Insignificance


My Eyes Grow Sleepy And Tired
They're Burned Out From Watching For Hope
But From a Glance Of Another Person
They May Seem Determined And Fixed For The Light
It Is Easily Recognized In His Eyes
That He Is Very Serious But Also Stubborn
But That Stubbornness Is A Part Of Him
It Makes Him Strong And Solid
To The Faith Deep In The Heart


They Haven't Walked My Painful Road
So That's Why I'll Fly High With Into The Sky
Those Frauds Will Provoke Me And Try To Upset Me
Hypocrites Tell Me I'll Never Reach The Sky
Telling Me To Aim For A Lower Goal In Life
Telling Lies That I Will Fall To The Ground
Throw Words And Attempt To Hesitate My Actions
I'll Dive Off And Fly High With These Broken Wings


I'll Achieve Success Through Pain And Suffering
For The Pain I Face Ain't Nothing Compared To Years Before
Reaching For The Glory That God Has Promised Me
This Road I Face Isn't Easy To Walk Upon
But The Reward Is Totally Worth My Life