my father´s orang juice

My father drinks orange juice every single day, i dont remember a day i havent seen him. Every morning he wakes up at 7 am for work, he showers and goes to the kitchen for breakfast, of course , the orange juice is always there. When we go out on vacations; on restaurants, hotels, at a friend or famillies place he always asks for orange juice. I call it “hes morning coffee”. The reason i find this odd its because it´s a daily thing and i have never even wondered what he things about his juicy treat. In my house some say he does it because he doesn´t want to get sick, my mom thinks it´s because his mother use to do the same thing, my brother doesn´t seem to care he some times handles it to him and haves a small sip out of the glass, even the cleaning lady thinks that is a supertitious thing , like if something big is going to happen if he doesn´t have it. I dont think thats really a reason why he has it every morning. He has the same name that i do , so thats one of the main reasons that i discard the cleaning lady´s hipotesis.

My father is a farmer. He has been a potato farmer since he graduated from university , here in Monterrey. He started working with my grandfather many years ago. He does almost the exact same things since then, always the same activities; he goes to the field everyday to see how the crops are doing, comes home for lunch always at the same time, has a small nap, goes to the office, plays tennis with his friends on the afternoon and comes home always at the same time, but the one thing that he can´t miss is his very own orange juice, served on a small and wide glass waiting for him on the kitchen counter. As i said my father likes to play tennis, and its also a big Roger Ferderer fan.  When he happens to play in the morning he will stay in bed a Little longer and ask me or any of my siblings to bring him his orange juice and stay with him to watch the game, i´ve never though that a simply morning drink could be a very important part of a man´s life. When i called him this morning to ask him why he is so percistent about it, he said that for him is something to start the day and he finds it very refreshing.


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Orange Little Ball

An orange little ball,
Tattered and torn to bits,
No longer does it fly straight,
Its course lost, its path in fits,


An orange little ball,
Sad within its cracks and in its creases,
Faded bumps, its lost its grip,
It now falls to pieces,


Orange little ball,
Come to death smiling,
Never live just to die,
Happiness lives in and amidst the crying,


Orange little ball,
Wipe the tears away,
There is peace to be found,
In and amongst the fray.

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Heartless Transfer

I was feeling my cold nostalgia hitting me again
Cold, from the snow at my aunt's house during Christmas
The winter night was everywhere and yet so hard to see
There was the spotlight of an incandescent lamp giving the black sky an orange flare and a place to see the white snow
The rest was all dark but that was what I wanted to see
I could remember the snowflakes falling so gently, making the snow so smooth
I wish I could lie there all night 
Under one light
As if the cold didn't touch me
I wish everyone could see it, but no one else could
I'll never know why everyone wanted to leave
And when it came time to leave, I had no choice
My heart,
My heart stayed
It's almost like I don't use my heart anymore because it just isn't with me now
A part of me would want to bring it here
I just can't move on
I don't think I can ever move on...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kind of reminds me of Clocks by Coldplay, "Home, home, where I wanted to be home..."

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I'm driving past orange trees
And I wish I could smell the sweet citrus
But I would settle for having
You next to me
For the rest of forever.
I don't think we make the perfect pair
But I'm just fine being imperfect
With you.
Someday, when we're older,
We'll drive along
Like I am now
and watch the long grass
and stalks of corn
roll past.
We'll hold hands
And be happy
And smile the smiles of an imperfect couple
Perfectly in love.
Maybe we'll be going on a trip
somewhere far away from the life we've settled into
We'll both be doing something we love
And come home every night
to simply be content with each other.
I passed a flock of sheep
following behind an invisible shepherd
with doves flying overhead
just now.
Try to picture it.
It was too perfect
to pass up telling you.
While we drive
We'll talk about marriage
or kids.
you'll want the same as me
and we'll settle on names and plan it out perfectly.
We'll have a son first,
You'll say.
And a daughter or two.
A dog.
Some fish,
When the kids get old enough.
We'll pull over somewhere
on a coastal stretch
above a churning ocean
or next to a field of sunflowers.
We'll kiss, I'm sure
and sit
for a while
and then get back in the car
and keep driving.
We'll talk about our families,
our struggles,
our faith in ourselves,
our friends,
We'll drive
for a long, long time.
through the night
until dawn,
for a few days,
And we'll realize
after a while
that we need to turn back.
We'll find a grassy field
and lay
just you and me.
In a few days
We'll be driving
back through the city limits
the lights
flickering on the windshield
warning us to keep driving
to anywhere
but here.
I'll cry
knowing we may never be this way again
I'll wish for an escape and
the sweet smell of citrus
that's always
from the city.
But I'll settle for having
you next to me
for the rest of forever.

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