2002 Poetry

my pace is heading me to your proximity

shading me is your hanging canopy

a door was opened for me

i am now about to march into your

little abode of intricacy

your eyes shifted on the frame

can’t seem to determine

a smile from where you stood

you reached for it and saw a

very charming glance

a feature too proverbial

you cannot be mistaken

he is that mannish

contour you always envision

in your trances

blitz of queries filling your mind

is he your noble guest?

you wish to be his conquest

you want to be a slave to your dearest

hissing songs of love at par

a love devoid of impediments

nothing hassles you from this sight

in the Garden of Eden

he dances like a knight

tears fell down on your cheek

tears of joy and contentment  

you let him loom from your chimera

allowed him to lead you wherever

but the cold whip of reality sets off your angst

what you really have is nothing but his frame

and everything else is dwindling

for you will rob at every opportunity

to set your mind inside his arms

to picture you together

until the night is over

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Ernest Bevans's picture

aaaaah another splendid write - this poem
appears to come from the depths like a
wave from the sea that crashes on our hearts.
You too are a great poetess.
Keep Writing and Keep your beautiful pen wet.