Tangent #6395


Tangent #6395

“You've labeled me insane, though I am the one who uses his brain.”

Dumbasses and I am surrounded by them. Everywhere I look, like a zombie plague. They speak yet say nothing, walk and go no where. How else would they accept their slavery so openly?
We are living in insane times. An epic tragedy of a dream we so willingly trashed because we grew lazy and ignorant. Huddled in a corner with your scraps, listening and believing what they tell you. As long as you do not have to think right? As long as you are distracted by meaningless entertainment that helps keep you lulled into that sedative trance, that false belief that you are actually free. I often see a vary real similarity between a Zoo and the human race as a whole.
You could be robbed blind, catch the thief red handed and still convince yourself otherwise. If it's not front page news it does not become worthy of your time. Going about your lives hopped up on legal speed, often walking over those you love or care about just to climb that ladder of success. God help those who stand in their way, an ego who has devoured their vary soul. It has become human nature, to reach the top at any means necessary right? When I look out across the ocean of the ignorant masses, the ones who at a whole manifest this reality we live in. All the bigots, and assholes of society who unknowingly projects this nasty corrupt vibration across open space. I see a sickness so grotesque that is the cancer of man and their arrogance could only be described as “insane” and yet I am the one who is labeled crazy. I want to believe there is still hope for us. That out of this storm heroes will rise up, then I find myself questioning if it is even worth saving anymore. Have we the self proclaimed smartest creatures in the galaxy manged to screw things up so bad we cannot fix it?

That old Stone;

Walking down the creek bed, I came across an old stone.
Reaching down I picked it up and wondered what it has known.
Has it seen tragedy? Has it seen creation?
Does it even know the beauty to behold the setting of the sun?
That old stone, oh the secrets it has known.

Time has a way of reminding us of our failures,
the mistakes and regrets that scar for our troubles.
To live in the moment, to forget for a moment
that this old stone is simply a rock. What if it could talk
what would it say? To have known every day?

I take that old stone and skip it across the water,
and once again my mind begins to wonder.
If for only a moment in time,
moving forward leaving it all behind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know I retired my "Tangents" a while back ago, however this one has been brewing up for awhile now. So I've decided to dust off the folder and create one more! I know I could have put it under my "Discourse" (the bastard child of my Tangents) however as choppy and raw as this piece is, it deserves to be a Tangent for it hits home on a few subjects that have been bothering me a lot..... Hope you enjoy and as always love to hear feedback!!

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Debt, Slavery, Bondage, Control, and pawns with no power.

“Debt, Slavery, Bondage, Control, and pawns with no power.”

"You there, bow before your king, your elected ruler and emperor. Do not forget to pay your penitence. Now how many your lord help you today "peasant". My farm, my crops they have succumb to the critters and destroyed over half of my field my Lord.

Kiss his hand, a whisper echos into the farmer kneeling before the king in all his rags. and sure enough he reached up and kissed the "treasure" wrapped in his fat fingers. So what is it you wish from your ruler? The poor man spoke in fear, My family is starving, my children are growing sick, and my wife, their mom passed away last winter. It's a war, to keep from falling under and finding myself waking up in an ally way. War!? WAR!? the King looked agitated by that very word. Do you not understand my poor farmer, that you know nothing of war, Without it there is no empire.
I will make you a deal farmer, Since I your ruler am feeling generous today, I shall let you keep 1% of your yield. After all you must as patriot to our great nation support our fight over seas. How does that sound? It's fair right? The emperor pressed on.
I....I....I suppose you are right, after all This is my land and I must protect it even if that mean giving up my land to allow this. See I know you had it in you, Now those crops are not going to be planting themselves now are they? best be going and getting the winter harvest ready, I am sure the townsfolk will greatly appreciate all of your hard work. Don't worry I am sure sally will save you a plate of corn, after all we cannot let our benefactor go without tasting his own creation. Enjoy now."

"Debt = Slavery / Bondage = Control / Pawns = 'Power'"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My mind can often be a trap, and sometimes I am lucky enough to be able to get them down.

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Discourse #4


Discourse # 4

                              No one wants to admit the obvious, that we have woken in the street's of war. Bodies dropping one by one as the lights go out. Now admits the moon and earth blood will run down the flesh of the naive, confessions whispered to the ears of any believer. The cold sting of the Winter's breeze, strike the hearts of those who buckle at their knees. The beat of the drums, usher in the atonement, a grand mockery of war. Boots hit the ground, all marching in line, in order. A monster born behind the eyes of a soul in torment. The smell of gunpowder, the taste of bitter metallic as the cries of anguish wash the minds of the lost, of the dead.

“What are we doing? What have we became?
Destroying ourselves, killing for pleasure, killing for sport
Intolerant to any indifferences, Where wild animals
behave more civilized than a man who sets out to cause harm”

“We are the demons whispered about in the legends of old,
The monsters of history. The only devil that truly exists
Is the evil that resides within the minds of men.”


                         We have fallen into a coma, sleeping giants with no blankets. A bed of rocks as the den of thieves stole the sheets. Drugged the mind of our souls, told to believe that the door is not locked. When space creates the illusion of time, movements that become moments form memories frozen within that time. A regret then becomes a sin against yourself. The thought, the memory, a burden your consciousness must forever carry. Few are lucky, their regrets are light, insignificant to their bigger picture. Yet to suffer, to be tormented by that moment, day after day is to truly sin against god.

“Cowards on the march, fear trapped behind their eyes
They all stand, drones on the war path
programmed, brainwashed, a conformity to the obscene
One by One they line the walls,
Two by Two they take their aim.
Through the soldier's lifeless eye's a soul lost it's name.
Cries of sorrow echo through the rain
As sorrow and torment will follow this day.”

“Asleep my gentle friend, sleep for tomorrow
you shall wake within a world you no longer recognize,
comfort and security will be in the past,
A struggle will ensue, as war will ignite
a battle for survival, as you cling to the last of the dieing light.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am curiouse if my Title is showing up in the Font I used "Lucida Calligraphy" anyone even see it if they dont have that font? or does it switch to something they can read? haha

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Discourse #3


Discourse # 3

             The only magic that exists anymore is to be found within the T.V.
Mysteries and Gods played out for the world to see. Gold, silver and gems line the channels as you casually change the station. Egos and dramas unfold before your naked eyes and in no time you are lost within the jungle of madness; propaganda. Caught within it's addictive web, you believe in what that magic box tells you, and lost becomes your rationality to any common sense. Mindlessly you click away, brainwashed to the current trends, hypnotized by the flashy lights of the current hype.

“Are you sure you know what you are fighting for?
Do you even remember the purpose behind this war?
You kill and conquest, and all for what?
The power and control, all to just market your soul?
When did humanity become a commodity,
to be bartered on the slab, as the stock share will rise.
When a welfare system thats doomed to fail.”

                  We can often place more value over our monitors than that of a human life. Some desperately seeking an escape only find yet another trap has been laid. We lost our way, we have became detached from our roots and too dependent upon a broken system, upon a technological infant. It was once said, “Every stone shall be touched, every dark tunnel explored and every drop of rain felt.” It's just an experience shared, as every fallen angel is just a person who hurts. To drown within the sea of despair, only to wash up on the shores of hope, and wipe your sins as every drop of water captures all the darkness. A conscious thought becomes our living action and every reason is minute. Where darkness dwells within every man's heart so does a spark of humanity. Few see the clarity to know and understand the basic nature of our humanity, and the delicate line that separates good intent from our dark and carnal desires. If we destroy ourselves, then it will truly be too late to learn from others our true value and worth in this reality.

“Voices whisper in your head,
Voices whisper things better left unsaid
hoping to dance with an Angel after taking
the devil's hand. Running with broken dreams
While sheltering a shattered faith. Sacrifices
made for just ghosts of a shadow, no real value.
Defiant till your last breath, that in your mind,
your reality. The temple of gold
becomes your sanctuary, a treasure
beyond monetary gain. A jewel to be
cherished, A confession sought on their
death bed of desperation. A life lived in
excess, sin and depravity and now in his final
hour he seeks redemption. Fear
leads his heart and his mind, A purgatory,
for this man's final moments shall be that of regret.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I scribbled this down at work.