Discourse #4


Discourse # 4

                              No one wants to admit the obvious, that we have woken in the street's of war. Bodies dropping one by one as the lights go out. Now admits the moon and earth blood will run down the flesh of the naive, confessions whispered to the ears of any believer. The cold sting of the Winter's breeze, strike the hearts of those who buckle at their knees. The beat of the drums, usher in the atonement, a grand mockery of war. Boots hit the ground, all marching in line, in order. A monster born behind the eyes of a soul in torment. The smell of gunpowder, the taste of bitter metallic as the cries of anguish wash the minds of the lost, of the dead.

“What are we doing? What have we became?
Destroying ourselves, killing for pleasure, killing for sport
Intolerant to any indifferences, Where wild animals
behave more civilized than a man who sets out to cause harm”

“We are the demons whispered about in the legends of old,
The monsters of history. The only devil that truly exists
Is the evil that resides within the minds of men.”


                         We have fallen into a coma, sleeping giants with no blankets. A bed of rocks as the den of thieves stole the sheets. Drugged the mind of our souls, told to believe that the door is not locked. When space creates the illusion of time, movements that become moments form memories frozen within that time. A regret then becomes a sin against yourself. The thought, the memory, a burden your consciousness must forever carry. Few are lucky, their regrets are light, insignificant to their bigger picture. Yet to suffer, to be tormented by that moment, day after day is to truly sin against god.

“Cowards on the march, fear trapped behind their eyes
They all stand, drones on the war path
programmed, brainwashed, a conformity to the obscene
One by One they line the walls,
Two by Two they take their aim.
Through the soldier's lifeless eye's a soul lost it's name.
Cries of sorrow echo through the rain
As sorrow and torment will follow this day.”

“Asleep my gentle friend, sleep for tomorrow
you shall wake within a world you no longer recognize,
comfort and security will be in the past,
A struggle will ensue, as war will ignite
a battle for survival, as you cling to the last of the dieing light.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am curiouse if my Title is showing up in the Font I used "Lucida Calligraphy" anyone even see it if they dont have that font? or does it switch to something they can read? haha

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