Debt, Slavery, Bondage, Control, and pawns with no power.

“Debt, Slavery, Bondage, Control, and pawns with no power.”

"You there, bow before your king, your elected ruler and emperor. Do not forget to pay your penitence. Now how many your lord help you today "peasant". My farm, my crops they have succumb to the critters and destroyed over half of my field my Lord.

Kiss his hand, a whisper echos into the farmer kneeling before the king in all his rags. and sure enough he reached up and kissed the "treasure" wrapped in his fat fingers. So what is it you wish from your ruler? The poor man spoke in fear, My family is starving, my children are growing sick, and my wife, their mom passed away last winter. It's a war, to keep from falling under and finding myself waking up in an ally way. War!? WAR!? the King looked agitated by that very word. Do you not understand my poor farmer, that you know nothing of war, Without it there is no empire.
I will make you a deal farmer, Since I your ruler am feeling generous today, I shall let you keep 1% of your yield. After all you must as patriot to our great nation support our fight over seas. How does that sound? It's fair right? The emperor pressed on.
I....I....I suppose you are right, after all This is my land and I must protect it even if that mean giving up my land to allow this. See I know you had it in you, Now those crops are not going to be planting themselves now are they? best be going and getting the winter harvest ready, I am sure the townsfolk will greatly appreciate all of your hard work. Don't worry I am sure sally will save you a plate of corn, after all we cannot let our benefactor go without tasting his own creation. Enjoy now."

"Debt = Slavery / Bondage = Control / Pawns = 'Power'"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My mind can often be a trap, and sometimes I am lucky enough to be able to get them down.

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I like this poem alot. It

I like this poem alot. It describes things that happened years and years ago, and things that still happen, just in differant ways and formats. Those problems, and way of thinking still are here today, unfo I dont think they will ever leave, cause thats how people think the world should be run. :(
People work and work, just to barely get by, giving up their free time, with family, holidays, and things that they want, to just provide for themselves and their familys. And they still struggle and struggle and still cant get any relief, or help from anybody. Cause this world is cruel, and visious in so many ways, i wish the world would see this, and change. Change for the better, for everyone. WE people deserve this much, yet i dont think, we will get it, cause not everyone agrees with it. We are slaves, and we live in dept, to others, n we cant over rule that king, we are the peasent, that must work and work, in the hot feilds till our hands bleed against the tools that we use to plant the crops, to feed others and our familys. And we still dont even see, most of those crops, or barely any money, that comes from our hard labors. It sucks, that this is how the world is, and how i dont think, it will change. Very good poem, so true, and detailed. I like it. Hope to see more soon. :)