Lucid dreams

so deep, tripping through
a vault of echoes opened by you.
your love like fine wine
one sip so sweet
my lips could never compete.


an open road, a valley
a place to let it all seep in
warm like blood & tender as your skin
heart to heart syncing in.


eyes of the moon, tranquilized
swirling like valium
an ocean of consequence, I can barely swim.
which of us took the first dive in?
i'd drown in a thousand currents to stay here, by you
to hold the hand of hope
to gaze into the truth
walking alone on the path of dreams
where maybe in the end we'll meet..

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Written Truths


The words

They just came through me

Then they become

Whatever they wish to be


I don’t control it

Just like this time

I don’t even know

What I’m putting on the line


They come from somewhere deep

A place I can’t even see

And their meanings

Are way beyond me



Written on

July 1, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written at a point when I felt my writing needed some explaining.

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