I Gave up

Dear love,  I Gave up on you a long time ago

And I told myself that you were something I’d never want to know

I tried and tried and yet was hurt every time

And I figured that finding you was never meant to be mine

I gave up on hoping for you to come my way

And I Hoped that once here you would stay

I gave up on wishing for you to come into my life

And I said “Why am I wasting my time?”

But I hoped that eventually you would come

And my hearts song would finally be sung

I looked for you in every person I met

And most of those acquaintances I truly regret

I hoped that you would catch me by surprise

And I would see you when I looked into his eyes

I saw you everywhere but couldn’t have you for myself

And thought that maybe my personality needed help

I told myself that maybe you just weren’t for me

And no one out there could love me possibly

So Finally I told myself “This is it”

And I decided that I gave up on you

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