In Time

I have seen many days pass by

All just seem to come and go

Some make me want to break down and cry

Others i just go with the flow.

High school as been a time of my life

Seeing all things and doing all the things i did

Though some of it caused great grief or strife

My feelings were rarely hid.

So now I'm sitting here wondering

What is it that makes her stick in my head

Heart feeling heavy and stomach weakening

No matter the thought still her image i can not shed.

I'm no longer sure if I can handle the pressure

Of having this feeling inside

But one thing is for sure

On the feeling I'll ride.

Not letting it slow me more

But allowing it to let me move on

While still trying to woo her

And keeping my head til all my life be done.

Struggles I have encountered

But I'm not the only one

Yes I have detoured

Only for a moment to relax with some fun.

So when I can get it all together

I'll shoot for it all

And show to one another

That I still can stand even if I fall.

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