Why Grandma Why

Why Grandma what did i ever doto you

you told me to do what i thought was best for me

so i came home where i am meant to be

you said alot of tings that crushed my heart

i really dont want this family to fall apart

but i know my wish will never come true

because mom cant gt along with you

i know you love each other way deep down inside

i know this because i give you both alot of pride

but i guess tis is the end

of me and you being best friendz.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love my grandma with all my heart but we all cant be friendz and it tears me apart.

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i'm sorry about you're g-maw. that's awful. she tells you to do what you think is best for you and then she says it's the wrong decision. it's wrong. she really needs to hold you and your family close and cherish ya. cuz she never knows when she could die, or when she could lose someone she loves.

i can feel the hurt coming from this poem.

Jesus loves you.

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thanks thaqt meant alot and yes i know jesus will take care of me ...my grandma and mom are still at it on and off and it is really hurting us grandkids but we will get thru it and they will c the loss and what they put us thru 


~sami lynn~ Kiss