I Refuse

I refuse to be treated like I do not matter, like my choices are wrong or that I am a child. I have supported myself my emotions and all and when you brought me down my friend wouldn’t let me fall. When you told me who cares or why is this always about you, because in my world I’ve always knew. You care for yourself, you defeat your own, and because I’m not a part of the club I am alone. You always feel like you have to knock me down, no matter if I’m way up high or on the ground. I’ve cried for years, I’ve almost taken my life, because of how you treated me never felt right. Now that I’ve grown I refuse to be, a part of the group that made me see, that on the outside looking in I never want to be with that sin, of being together yet bringing me down I refuse to be, I refuse to see, I refuse and revolt against all of thee.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how I have felt my entire life like I cannot express myself, and like people are always knocking me down and treating me like a little child, well I am not a child I am an adult so treat me like such!

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