The Secrets Out

Assorted Stuff

It was the summer, I was seven going on eight
The first time I remember ever feeling hate

He made me feel so gross, so used
I was being sexually abused

He put his hands places they didn’t belong
I was so young, yet I knew something was wrong

I remember feeling so ashamed
It was myself that I mostly blamed

He manipulated me, played tricks with my mind
I wanted to tell, but courage was hard to find

As his hands crept over my fragile little frame
I yelled in my mind for help, but none ever came

I wanted him to stop I wanted to leave
If I told anyone would they even believe?

A lonely little girl
All alone in the world

Innocence stripped, replaced with fear
A disgusting secret that I soon would share

I felt so embarrassed, couldn’t even look in my own mothers eyes
I remember her tender embrace as she held me while I cried

Now an adult grown in so many ways
But thinking back still plagued by the days

When I was just a little kid
I hope you rot for what you fucking did

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