Crooked Trees



I used to stand straight,
Firm and strong,
My limbs protected,


Until the wind came,
At first I stood tough,
But persist it did,
And I began to bend,
And bend,
And bend…


Now I stand crooked,
Waiting to snap.

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In The Wind

Nature posing as life's onslaughts that are persisitently unrelenting. We may creak a bit, but never break! - like that poker game, we'll ante up when the deal is done. I like this poem very much (I don't say that a lot). Good one! Small letter count, big meaning index! :D



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Thank you so much! I've found

Thank you so much! I've found that sometimes it is better to just play the hand you're dealt.

"Always do what you are afraid to do" - Ralph Waldo Emerson