best friend

our cities


you’ve cleaned me out i don’t have sound

i don’t have skates but the world is ice and i’m not afraid of falling

i’m scared of looking back at myself and losing what i’ve learned


now you’ve sold my syllables and i mix all the rhythms

and scribble trying to find something i haven’t used on you yet

but the day you added your name to my list of favorite words

i could never have stopped writing


they tell us don’t fall for your best friend

but who is going to love you for longer?

they tell us don’t fall for your best friend

but every wedding i follow my family to

i turn in circles and best friend is written on every wall

and if i speak the language it means soulmate

soulmate- what a good something to promise a life to


but i still shy from the words best friend

because i have been told not to build what could break

but haven’t there been


and our cities

are still 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/22/18

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Written almost a year after I looked into your eyes for the first time

I don't remember what I saw

I don't remember the first time we spoke

Most would say that the moment a foundation is set

(because you only meet a person for the first time once)

you're supposed to remember


But I'm going to take a turn for opposites and choose tails instead of heads.


The little things matter.


Here's what I do remember:


The first time I confessed to you 

something about me because you had just done the same.

201 closing shift, I think it may have rained.


The first time you told me you didn't succumb to networking norms because it has no purpose.

Disappointment, yes.

Reminder of what friendships used to be before requests, much more yes.


Our lingering moments in the shelves,

digressions of the nonsensical shards of pain life had rained on us.


Notice how it always seems to rain.

That's how we'll know we're okay.

Our beings survive every time.


The first time we talked about going in

Man. Women.

Not a moment too soon, no hesitation.

We knew.


Every time I made you laugh,

the first time I snorted,

the way Big Brother must have seen us in the shelves

and thought our brains were distorted.


Little do they know...


But we're more sane than any living part of nature

Our senses are accute

Our eyes on radar

Our hearts, deeply wounded

Covered in patches that need occasional changing

Because people like us see the world for what it really is


A mission.


Gather your followers.

Get rid of the strays.

Keep the few and live.



You're still here.



The first time we told our stories.

The way you listened and I knew you knew because even when I didn't know you, I knew you, but now not yet then.




We rediscovered the beauty of speech.

I say I admire because in my mind you conspire with my emotions.

The voice of honesty.

The voice of reason.

Daily prescriptions.

Personal stash of self-help books

free of charge.


A bond is what is sent to you when you've overcome your battles

But the battle never ends because you live it in your head

So, before we know what's happening,

before we can understand,

we're assigned to each other

Glued, unremovable, roots to a tree

Before you can even stop and question

You have yourself another chance


But if I'm being honest,

I didn't see then what I see today.

A year ago I didn't know what I was trying to get to

A year ago I didn't realize how much more healing my deeply burdened soul needed

A year ago I was questioning every possibility

from here to world's end


I admire because you're unreachable to many,

but you let me grab on.


A year ago you let me stay

And I've never felt more okay.



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My Best Friend

Hazel eyes and curly blonde hair,

loves to dance an sing without a care.

My best friend is very creative,

very kind and very motivative.

She has helped my through my frowns,

my insecurities, my break downs.

God has blessed me with an amazing friend,

and I will love her 'til the very end.

Opal Hebert, thanks for being ther for me,

you shall and always will be my bestest buddy.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I knw the ending is corny but i like it  Cool

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Best Friend

With every drop of rain that falls to the ground, You watch it once and its never seen again. Flowers are beautiful but as time goes on it surely dies. Waves come and go when the ocean meets the beach. They crash and toil in the soil. Friends are the in the same game. They come and go so it seems. They laugh you smile. Never wanting to stay awhile. They move on you are drawn to the dawn. I guess it's different when you put best infront of a word. It means above all of something. The most cherished and the most unique. And especially when you put that in front of the word friend, it means something. It means if that person were lost you'd search far and wide, across every ocean and venture through each and every mysterious jungle just to find them, make them smile. You'd do that because that one person would do that for you and they make life worth living every day of your life. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you are that person and I love you.

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To a Friend

There is no way I can thank you for all that you do for me,
but I hope this is a good start.
I wanted to thank you for excepting the person I really am
and being my best friend.
For making me laugh and letting me cry.
For making me laugh so much it hurts.
For making me smile
and making me feel important.
For being nice to me when I don't deserve it.
for standing by my side
and never leaving me behind.
For helping me fix my problems,
and never giving up on me.
For telling me you'd miss me if I were to die.
All the ways you've changed my life,
I couldn't show.
The way you take care of me,
you are a shinning star.
How incredible you are,
just the way you are.
Before I get to mushy,
its time for me to go,
leave this ink-filled page,
but theres one thing you should know.
As long as we are living,
no matter when or where,
if you need me give me a call,
I'll be there. I'll climb a thousand mountains,
cross a thousand seas anything to be there,
cuz you've been there for me.

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I am deep in the cracks where the dead men go,
where their re-fleshed bodies sway to and fro.
Where your bones found rest, I do not know.

I am wandering, searching, so lost, lost in time,
in the space between your life,
the absence of mine.
It's the smell of your ashes that I've followed here,
that sooty gray soundsmith I hold oh so dear,
that last breath you drew on a much warmer night,
that last sigh you left, growing cold in the light.

When it's time for my own more timely death,
will I lose the scent and the sound of your breath?

I am slipping and sliding through cracks all my own
where your ashes grow bright
and they pierce through my soul,
and I hear a strange noise like the grim old man reaping:
it's my mother who rips your face off the wall,
and I choke on the dust that my body is seeped in.

I am deep in the cracks where the dead men go,
where the air smells of paint, smells of liquor, fresh snow.
Where your soul found rest, I do not know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Chachi.

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Please do not mourn for
our dear friend AFZAL
his earthly mission
is finished
but his journey has
just begun.

Last night I heard
angels singing a sweet
song of welcome


to the land of milk
and honey
we honor your presence
now you must compose
your beautiful poems
for the heavenly choir
to sing.

Come, sit by the river
of life
drink freely from the
eternal waters
while we clothe your
soul in the purest
rest in the peace you
so richly deserve.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Come sit by the river of life,
drink freely from the eternal
waters, you so richly


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Other stuff

I often wonder what it was

That caused such a deep pain

In her, inside her heart

Why she cannot just exist

Be glad to be breathing air

Why does she hate her flesh?

Abusing it as if atonement for still being here

Eyes gone black and cold


Still here but feels like a ghost

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