Best Friend

With every drop of rain that falls to the ground, You watch it once and its never seen again. Flowers are beautiful but as time goes on it surely dies. Waves come and go when the ocean meets the beach. They crash and toil in the soil. Friends are the in the same game. They come and go so it seems. They laugh you smile. Never wanting to stay awhile. They move on you are drawn to the dawn. I guess it's different when you put best infront of a word. It means above all of something. The most cherished and the most unique. And especially when you put that in front of the word friend, it means something. It means if that person were lost you'd search far and wide, across every ocean and venture through each and every mysterious jungle just to find them, make them smile. You'd do that because that one person would do that for you and they make life worth living every day of your life. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you are that person and I love you.

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Great peice

Enjoyed it.  Quite a true consideration of friendship. 

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Thank you!

Thank you!