our cities


you’ve cleaned me out i don’t have sound

i don’t have skates but the world is ice and i’m not afraid of falling

i’m scared of looking back at myself and losing what i’ve learned


now you’ve sold my syllables and i mix all the rhythms

and scribble trying to find something i haven’t used on you yet

but the day you added your name to my list of favorite words

i could never have stopped writing


they tell us don’t fall for your best friend

but who is going to love you for longer?

they tell us don’t fall for your best friend

but every wedding i follow my family to

i turn in circles and best friend is written on every wall

and if i speak the language it means soulmate

soulmate- what a good something to promise a life to


but i still shy from the words best friend

because i have been told not to build what could break

but haven’t there been


and our cities

are still 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/22/18

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Humans survive all kinds of disasters and it is special to survive and stay in love and friendship. May they never run away.