You said it once, my dear, dear friend--

then you wrote it down on the back

of that miraculous likeness of yours, where

you pose in simple, unpretentious elegance:

bare-shouldered, broad-rimmed black hat

tilted to the right, silvery white hair straming

over ear, & a clear look in your eyes

like unclouded summer skies--

"I love you both because

we think the same way--simplicity," you wrote

in that immaculate clear moment

of transfigured sunlight when

you smiled & handed me your friendship

in a simple gesture of immense transparent

love that spelled


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for a dear friend of mine whose life is a beautiful example of simplicity & selfless love--one of those rare souls whose sole existence inspires the best in those around her. Now she lies in bed unable to move her left side of the body & unable to speak after a stroke. Still, she smiles & her miraculously young-looking expression bespeaks her inner beauty & the strength she has gained from the principles of simplicity & selfless love which have been the guiding lights of her life. I love you, Maggie MacCauliffe.

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cornaflakegrrrl's picture

Gosh, I feel like I could cry. That was sweet. Very touching. I almost wish I knew her too and after reading I feel like for a moment there, I did. Thankyou! - Essie =)