Their bruised ego's are my weapons.

Ruse, ruse, taunt, taunt.

They lash out in anger.

They lash out in fear.

They lash out in pain.

Their bruised ego's are my weapons.

Flailing, flailing.

Failing, failing.

Surely we are better than this !!

They say amongst themselves.

Are we not the authorities?

Are we not the master race?

Ruse ruse.

Taunt, taunt.

Watch them go.

Out of control.
Flailing, flailing


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Each religion speaks of humility,

Be it Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Christianity,

It’s one of the three treasures,

That Taoism so measures.


We should follow the footsteps,

Of the prophets,

Even a warm smile,

Can send the darkness of the heart to exile.


Let’s be humble hereafter,

It’s the diamond of the heart, ‘my dear’. 

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