A Lone Demise


Hollow eyes peering from inward darkness,

past infinity's depths for measure of soul

Constant vile outward on lashing tongue,

all cruelty to wrought its eventual toll


Bitter words in portrayal of loathing self,

spouted envy for one's own odious traits

Fall to come along sordid path in lead,

transgressions guide to where misfortune waits


Lies stolid heart impaled upon a thorn,

sting of barb coursing through callous veins

With will in forfeit to  iniquity's  keep,

the appalling scowl of bleakness reigns


Evil resides upon each drawing breath;

a petty life existing on the wicked air

Faults and blame knocking on another's door,

their misery sought is your blood and heir



In wroth you wallowed from a smug filled jar;

foul venom gorged till it began to spew

Now all defiled to find final just,

turn you bout to face earned grievance due


Colored your world in the shade of shame,

shallow deeds aligning its inner walls

Your hollow eyes now peer into the dark;

as death swoops in no one hears your calls


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A moment of thought.

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