Thank God I Am Of The Few

Light and Dark

As I sit, and I pray
I watch the sun bring a new day
I grieve for those so far lost
In their ways; high is the cost
Would it not be better, can they not see
The love Almighty God has given to me?
But the way is narrow to his place
And as I look into His face
I see the sorrow, His crying there
For His children who no longer care
I left you Lord! I spat in your face
I followed evil, my disgrace
It was not placed on me, my decision
Had set me up for Hell's derision
Then you took my place, your first born
The sun rose on my new morn
Now here am I, white and new
Living here, with your few
But I still grieve for those lost
For their decisions have such a cost
Eternal death away from you
Thank God that I am of your few.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally a reply to Envy from her poem Please; I kind of liked it myself. Enjoy

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