Monthly Archive for June 2009

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
SILENCE SPEAK Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 25th
ONLY LASTLY, THERE WAS LUST Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 25th
"Reading Cinderella" Poem passionaterider Jun 25th
Just Pray Poem unseen_treasure Jun 26th
Was Talking To My Father Poem unseen_treasure Jun 26th
A Hearts Song Poem unseen_treasure Jun 26th
This side of the cross Poem unseen_treasure 1 Jun 26th
Doesn't Ask Much Poem unseen_treasure Jun 26th
Tell Me Where Poem unseen_treasure Jun 26th
Father forgive me Poem unseen_treasure Jun 26th
My Winter Dream Poem greenmeadow 2 dreams Jun 26th
What Lord? Poem unseen_treasure Jun 26th
Untitled -- 6.26.2009 Poem unseen_treasure Jun 26th
(shortie) done deal bill Poem honorao Jun 26th
GLORY! GLORY! GLORY! Poem unseen_treasure Jun 26th
God Bless You Poem unseen_treasure 1 Jun 26th
Against Life’s Reason Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 26th
My Baptism Poem unseen_treasure Jun 26th
From Here to Eternity Poem metaphorist Jun 26th
The Grapes of Wrath Poem metaphorist Jun 26th
Brave New World Poem metaphorist Jun 26th
Is it me or you? Poem katyo3 Jun 26th
King of Pop Poem randyjohnson 2 death Jun 26th
The Best is Yet to Come Poem metaphorist Jun 26th
Metachrosis Poem quidseeker Jun 26th
I wish you were still here Poem martal_arts Jun 26th
* A True King Of The People * Poem poetvg Jun 26th
the reasons you cry Poem martal_arts Jun 26th
Another Face Poem lyrycsyntyme 1 Culture/Society Jun 26th
With Roots Above and Branches Below Poem metaphorist 2 Jun 26th
Inside tears and outside smiles Poem teddy_bear_poet 1 Jun 27th
Man on the Moon Poem ruthybird12 Jun 27th
When Was It She Stopped Laughing Poem onemanwar 1 Depression Jun 27th
Last Voyage Of Ulysses Poem Starward Faith Jun 27th
Never alone allways with pain. Poem blondelf Abuse Jun 27th
Buisness Man Poem ruthybird12 1 Jun 27th
Archeologist Poem ruthybird12 Jun 27th
Greyce Poem ruthybird12 Song Lyrics Jun 27th
Poem Jar Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Jun 27th
BEAUTIFUL ENIGMA Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jun 27th
Paste and Fury Poem new_wave_franky Fury Unleashed Jun 27th
trust Poem martal_arts 1 Jun 27th
respect Poem martal_arts Jun 27th
Your Ragdoll Poem ruthybird12 Jun 27th
Baby Soft Poem teddy_bear_poet Jun 27th
No place to land Poem teddy_bear_poet Jun 27th
Stealth Movement Poem trumpet7 1 inspiration Jun 27th
The Color Conflict Poem tk2003 Acceptance Jun 27th
Only a dream Poem teddy_bear_poet Jun 27th
Innocence Poem teddy_bear_poet Jun 27th
Silence Poem teddy_bear_poet Jun 27th
Hidden Child Poem teddy_bear_poet Jun 27th
Corner of fright Poem teddy_bear_poet 1 Jun 27th
Mask Poem teddy_bear_poet Jun 27th
Thinking... Poem Letty467 Stress Jun 27th
Wanting Poem teddy_bear_poet Jun 27th
"Dormir" Poem anthony28 dreams Jun 27th
A Tribute to Michael Poem tk2003 1 sadness Jun 27th
Lady Beatrice's Leisure Poem Starward History/Past Jun 27th
Road of hell Poem teddy_bear_poet Jun 27th
One nations loss Poem teddy_bear_poet Jun 27th
I did love you too! Poem vilmazab 2 Jun 28th
finding the scatter Poem gemboy 1 Imagery Jun 28th
camp Poem gemboy Imagery Jun 28th
My Healing Mistress Poem bleeding_roses Jun 28th
God is my best friend Poem randyjohnson religion Jun 28th
Unlimited Kisses Poem Irockpoker Beauty Jun 28th
Rain and Water Poem aznplumpixie 1 Weather/Environment Jun 28th
At The Edge Of Jerusalem Poem Starward History/Past Jun 28th
At The Adolescent Lovers' Exit Poem Starward 2 Fury Unleashed Jun 28th
Today (Music Lyrics) Poem bluewave Jun 28th
CANNOT FREAKIN' POST!!!! HELLO!!!! SOMEONE????!!!! Poem new_wave_franky 1 Bizarre Jun 28th
Ed McMahon Poem randyjohnson 1 death Jun 28th
they're writing songs- Poem catherine Jun 28th
fantasy Poem mylovep0etry Jun 28th
journey Poem mylovep0etry Jun 28th
love swap Poem mylovep0etry Jun 28th
She Would Go Walking (Love's Ghost) Poem new_wave_franky In Memory Jun 29th
I Just Want to be Alone Poem metaphorist 1 Jun 29th
Tonight I Choose Depression Poem heirius 1 Jun 29th
FORGOT TO POST!!!! MY FAULT!!!! FORGOT!!!! Poem new_wave_franky 1 Jun 29th
My Heart Poem metaphorist Jun 29th
Used and Abused II Poem metaphorist Jun 29th
If I Ever Die Tomorrow Poem vilmazab 1 Jun 29th
Untitled 126 Poem running_with_rabbits Jun 29th
The Unspoken Demon Of Life Poem robbo Jun 29th
SINGLE Poem kiwi 1 dreams Jun 29th
Jargon Poem van Jun 29th
King Poem van Jun 29th
If I could Poem geneconner2008 Jun 29th
At The Dead Folks' Prayers Poem Starward Faith Jun 29th
Conventions of Light Poem Sivus love Jun 29th
"Even Rainbows Cry" Poem passionaterider Jun 29th
SNAKE PIT PASSION Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 29th
"El día que a ti Venga" Poem anthony28 Loneliness Jun 29th
"Querida Alejandra" Poem anthony28 friendship Jun 29th
Untitled Poem cutegurl1316 Being Loved Jun 30th
Going Crazy..... Poem slydeviltkd 1 Abstract Jun 30th
Selfless Poem metaphorist Jun 30th
Hope Through Faith Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 30th
/+/ Epigram On Q, 2 Poem Starward History/Past Jun 30th
Unfaithful Poem metaphorist Jun 30th
Translation to Corazon Dolorosa Poem dolphinscry13 Jun 30th
Just Temporary Poem metaphorist 1 Jun 30th
View Poem jgupta Jun 30th
My Poems Are Here For All Seasons Poem vilmazab Jun 30th
severed/crashing down Poem nothing16 Jun 30th
Public Display Poem lyrycsyntyme Abuse Jun 30th
Remembering Her Poem phil_carcione 1 Jun 30th
TITLED!!!! Poem new_wave_franky Word Play Jun 30th
After the Storm II Poem rbpoetry Nature/Environment Jun 30th
Adieu Poem rbpoetry 1 death Jun 30th
Pater Familias Poem rbpoetry family Jun 30th
Sleep Deprived Poem g3nevi3ve Jun 30th
Cradle Of Life Poem BlasphemousGrrl 1 Jun 30th
Backstabbers Poem heven7 Anger NonViolent Jun 30th