Against Life’s Reason

Friend, when I am weak, I am strong, for The Lord God is my song,

He is my strength and my praise, and my fortress through my days,

When times in life do go wrong, it’s my Lord who makes me strong,

Through God’s Strength, I can’t fail, for in all things God will prevail.

Though I’m poor, I’m truly rich, in wealth beyond man’s earthly pitch,

For earthly man cannot offer me, all I‘ve been promised for Eternity,

Through the riches of one King, who from Heaven, owns everything,

All the Eternal Riches of The Lord, cannot and shouldn’t go ignored.

When I was lost, I was found, then, placed by God on Solid Ground,

Placed upon The Rock of Ages, the One spoken of by God’s sages,

The Eternal Rock, and yet a Lamb, Gods’ only Son, the Great “I Am.”

That Rock, not cut by human hands, to be Salvation for all the lands.

Found by God in the dark of night, I was placed in my Savior’s Light,

Saved from the darkness of my sin, I have obtained New Life in Him,

God’s Son who came to this earth, to offer all sinful men a New Birth,

Our Lord and God’s Only Salvation, sent to the earth for every nation.

Formerly, I was blind, now I see, given sight, by the Lamb of Calvary,

Who became for me God’s Sacrifice, paying for me His Eternal price,

Required by The Holy God above, and sent by Him, to show His love,

This, that I may have Eternal Life, in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©06/2009)

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