Tonight I Choose Depression

My pace has quickend

Events have narrowed

Repitition and routine have excelled

Days end with a tired soul

Time has become of less importance

My view once shallow has narrowed deep

I care not for tomorrow

Yet all the more

I live for next year

The tunnel vision has left me stressed

Ultimately the moment is all I can act on

This world has enslaved me to events

Leaving a cruel taste for all the moments...

I simply miss

What do I think of the cares of others?

What do others think of my own cares?

What a wicked pondering has left me so restless

Offenses I have made in the past

Oh how they leave me with a grave sadness

And my apologies cant seem to piece back together

The souls I have torn in two

I deserve their tears

And as a pebble falls into the ocean

So does my soul sink to the bottom

For every one that is shed

No comfort tonight

Despite all encouraging facts

I shall ignore their embrace

And mourn what has been lost

Forgive me

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Starward's picture

This is a highly evocative poem. It reminds me of many sleepless nights at college (more than three decades ago) when I thought that my life was basically such a mess that nothing could come of it. With great power, the poem forces me to look at that time again.