Hope Through Faith

The End Times

A faith in God is bigger than, the understanding of common man,

It’s a Hope that many don’t see, on this temporal side of Eternity.

The Christian’s hope, continues on, when all earthly hope is gone,

A hope beyond this present earth, hope in God, of Eternal Worth.

Our hope is more of a certainty, of the things that we do not see,

An eternal kingdom soon to come, ushered in by God’s own Son.

This certainty is the basis for, our inner peace and so much more,

A hope centered on Jesus Christ, this as we live out our daily life.

We’re given a sense of security, in an earthly Kingdom, yet to be,

And who do we receive this from, The Eternal Ruler sure to come,

Soon to return, in all His Majesty, to rule upon earth, into Eternity,

To reign over all, not just some, while on His Throne in Jerusalem.

It’s not just knowing God above, but accepting the Savior’s Love,

Who became a curse upon a tree, so all who believe live eternally,

To grant real Hope, to everyone, who believes in God’s Only Son,

Who became for all a Sacrifice, so that man could enter Paradise.

With present life, temporal friend, our worldly cares soon will end,

When we hear the Trumpet sound, we’ll be lifted from this ground,

To meet Christ, up in the clouds, gathered round His Holy crowds,

As present hope becomes reality, not just for now but for eternity.

(Copyright ©06/2009)

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