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I enjoy writing poetry of course.. I enjoy the beach.. Just walking along and enjoying the smell of the water.. Sitting in the sand and listening to and watching the waves and writting poetry in the serenity and peace of it all.. I also enjoy talking to frineds online and going to a poetry tag room on AOL where i can have fun and be with frineds.... I enjoy the holiday.. Still have that little kid in my that gets excited about them.. I enjoy making frineds..have..

I have been writting poetry since I was 13 years old.. It all started off my writting started as being a way to tell those secrets I could not tell of things that happend and I was going thru in my childhood. Now its been a way of telling about all parts of my life.. To read my poetry is to know me.. The good and the bad.. Which is very scarey for me.. Becasue i dont let many people in.. I enjoy writting now. And as soon as i get the nerve I will publish.. Though i am scared to.. do to people saying they have a story to tell and one that could help others.. Plus I am afriad to just put myself out there.. Life is hard.. That is the facts.. But when you have frineds and people that care.. it can even make those times special..

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The sun will always come out tomorrow no matter what today has brought.. So wait for your miracle as there is one for everyone around the corner.. Never give up on your dreams..


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