The Effing Word

the eff word really is so unique, for how many words begin with 'f',
it reigns high among the others, and causes some to become deaf.


it has so many uses, too, so many more than 'like',
it's etymology is from a german word that plainly means, 'to strike'.


the effing part about it is that it's mostly used to make a point,
but often it explains intercourse, or to exclaim, 'i need an effing joint'.


i was driving past the shopping mart, and saw a sign the other day,
'the effingbar' is what it said, i thought, 'well i guess eff's here to stay'.


the world is changing rapidly, word meanings changing too,
there's new ones added everyday, babbling like a zoo.


so as i ponder on this word that we've serated, chopped and abused,
i see in it some special traits, but can easily be confused.



6:58 PM 4/22/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

the 'f' word. think about it.


do you ever 'strike' your lover? how about that one?

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