Why I write

Have you ever thought why I write? Why do you think that I openly express everything I feel to you? Is it because I trust you? Is it because I love you and everything about you, from the glint in your eye to the curve of your lip? Those are some good reasons, but that is only part of the story, my story. I write to you because it makes me happy, I write to you because it helps me get things off of my chest. Deep down though, I know that I write because I feel depressed. I feel that I bother you when I want to talk to you, I feel that I'm getting in your way because you always look uninterested. I know that you care, deep down, but I still feel alone. I want to be happy, and I want to feel wanted again, but I can't do that until I feel that you want to be with me. I'm sorry that I feel that way, and I want to let you know that I'm getting better every day, just don't give up on me. I write because if I don't, you won't know who I am, you won't know what I've done, you wouldn't care, and don't you dare give me that bullshit saying that you're there and that everybody cares and loves me. This isn't a perfect world where pictures of sugarplums and fairies that fly and flutter around this fucked up world. Grow up and learn who you are so that you can survive. I write because that kid next door that gets beat every day doesn't have a voice for himself. I write because I want their stories to get heard, so that they will be remembered. I write, because I want to be a voice for the voiceless, a light in this absence of emotions. I write for the strong acts of the weak. I write for the weak acts of the strong, because they are human just as we are. In all honesty, we're all weak and just want someone to be the voice of truth for us, but remember, this isn't a perfect world. We all have fights, we all have tried, we all want to rise up to the plate, to never give up and die. We are warriors against our best friend and our worst enemy, ourselves. We all want to be ok again, but this isn't a perfect world, and that is why I write. I write for me, and I write for you. I write for the wise, and I write for the fool. I write for the hopeful, and I write for the helpless. But most of all, I write because I love you.

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I want to make a difference

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100 reasons

I had a dream

That i asked you to date me

Before you answered you posed this

"why would I Date you"

I told you to ill read you this poem

Called "100 reasons "why i'd want too


Whenever i think of happiness

Its always has you

And when i feel love I see you to

I could give you a 100 reasons

Why you are amazing to me

Why you smiling is the only gift i ever need

There is a main reason why

You are my moon in the sky

Its because you showed me what love is

Through your heart and soul

I learnt of a wonderful feeling , i felt whole

Our hearts are connected like a wave of UV light

It can't be seen but can be felt

Its the warmth i feel when you in sight


I do love you this has always been true

There is a reason i met you

Your heart and soul are so amazing to me

Every day i'm left in disbelief

That a girl like you can love someone like me

And i know all you wnat is for me to be happy


So thank you  for opening your heart

It has shown me love right from the start

I know this is going to sound corny , but here i go

I believe your my angel

sent to watch over me on this earth below


Never-Ending Story

I really do want to believe it's all here,

That it's real, and that it is as great as everyone thinks it is,
Strong and indestructable,

Powerful with meaning and substance,

So that I too, exist here, but why?
These objects made of wood, steel and concrete, glass and fibers,
Clawing an scratching at my spirit day and night,
Begging for my touch to make them real,
And walls, walls, walls, that separate,
Real as this figment of my own imagination
Who I call myself, the existential being I believe I am,
The objects speak in tongues,
And languages unheard of
But understood with senses forbidden
And cast away from what man has deemed to be 'real',
And objects, material objects, jumping out at me,
Talking teapots, spoons and candlesticks,
From stories out of the depths of another's inner world,
Jumping into my world! How dare they come without knocking!
What is it they want? What are they asking?
"We are here just like you", they said,
"Why do you want to be here?"
So I replied, "Why do I want? Maybe I should just be!"
And so from then on I began to just be.

In case I should ever again need a shrink,
I shall first consult the kitchen sink.


4:21 AM 4/18/2013 ©

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The illusion called life.

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The death of life
The end of reason
A senseless termination
“THE END” in capital letters
Stopping the clock
Closing the eyes

But death is just the beginning

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At the crack of uncertainty,
held by the claws of resistance,
placed before me is reason.
Impeccably presenting herself in perfection.

Cocooned in the frenzy of delusional reality,
she sits, reason.
Even in demand of her presence,
her loyalty to perception is doubted.

As clear drops of rain fell before me,
i sat to ponder,
is she my answer?
or is she my escape?

Merely, she is a representation of a ruse of negligence.
She is the confession of an image of a harsh lie,
a dissected creation.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As i was pondering over thoughts, looking for answers, i was presented with this riddle and then a finality, an answer.

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A reason

My poems

I need a reason not to cry not to shed one tear on my pillow
I need a reason to wipe my eyes so that i can transform from a weeping willow
I need a reason to breathe so the air in my lungs can carry me
I need a reason to dream bout anything my own creation
I need a reason for what is means so i can share with the world my amazing imagination
I need a reason to live again so i can get up and enjoy my life
I need a reason to have a friend so one day i may become his wife
I need a reason to not say goodbye so i wont have to feel this pain
I need a reason not to close my eyes cause my tears stain
I need a reason at night so i can rest my head
I need a reason to not fight with this insomnia keeping me from bed
I need a reason to stop this song because i am getting to the end
I need a reason too say so long
So long, My friend

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