Love things

Went in to hard

High hopes and that

All smiles and butter flies

Fly high sky high

Transparent and all

Nothing reflected on me

Give all I could ever think of

Her smile my priority and all that

Forgot about everything for a while

Its a paradise in hell

All good till it melted away

Broken heart all over the floor 

Me on my knees begging and all

Her on her feet never cared and all

See her walking away with my heart in her hand

I was just another challenge she defeated

A monument she conquered

A trophy she won

I got worn out from all the games she played

Damn she's a champ when it comes to this

Always finding myself in her plate 

And my soul was for here's to eat

How can I move on?

While my heart its still holding on

And nobody understands the pain

That I feel inside

Everyday I scream but I'm still unheard

Its like waking up from a nightmare

Just to find yourself in another nightmare

If only she could be the one

Who feels all of this

Cause my only sin was

To give all this love I have

Now I'm left with an empty void

That can't be filled

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Endless Nights

Volume One



Endless Nights”



Endless Nights, losing fights

I've seen my time, living my life, is it a crime?

Does it look like I give a fuck

that I ran out of luck, and now I'm stuck

haunted by these endless nights, blinded by these bright lights

seduced by your hate, now my emotions you sedate

crawling back on my broken hands and feet

deflowering everything that is right and neat

throwing away any hopes for salvation

living in this lie of mutilation

I am forced to eat the shit you throw

but what you don't know, is that my anger will grow

in your lives that I will consume

bringing forth your fucking doom

for in my eyes, your diseased flies

your existence is nothing but lies


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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