When she searches through memories of her mom…

the first ones she seems to choose

are all the times her mom would help her…

the times she bent down to tie her shoes.


She remembers these moments fondly…

as Mom would give her laces a tug..

and she would lay her head upon her shoulder 

then give her mom a hug.


Her memories flow from that point on…

homework…boyfriends…the Senior Prom…

She attributes so much of who she is to growing up with Mom.


Joys and sorrows, wedding, children…

all the time she was happily aware

when she needed a shoulder to laugh or cry on…

Mom was always there.


Then came a time her mom needed her…

it was now her time to share

and she happily let her mom know…

that she, too, would be there.


Her mom asked, “How can I ever thank you for all the things you do?

and “What did I ever do in life to deserve a daughter like you?”


She laid her head upon her mom’s shoulder…

and hugged her like she did when she was two…

“It all began when I was a little girl,” she said, 


“and you bent down to tie my shoes.”

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more poems

I love you so much mom
My name is bella and I'm a dog
And if i can talk it what 
I will tell my mom
I love you so much mom
I am glad you are my mom
And that you are in my life 
You are a good mom you 
Listen to me and play with 
Me and you care for me
And love me so much 
Thank you for being my
© Amanda kay hill

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poems 1

Is someone who supports 
Their kids 
Their there for their kids 
Their support them and 
Push them them to go
Follow their dreams 
Love them unconditionally 
And is there to talk to 
And give advice and
Listen to their kids 
That what mother are 
So thank you mom 
I love you mom
© Amanda Kay Hill 

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You Were There


You Were There.  Until Now.

 On my first birthday
you were there

the first time I opened my eyes
you were there

And most every 'first' of everything since that day
you were there

from my first breath to my first step,

from my first word (first of many)

to my first bite of food (again first of many)
you were there

Every birthday morning the phone would ring
you were there

Every birthday since that first one
you were there

Some were met with laughter others with tears
but every single birthday
you were there

until now

Not once did I consider that there would come a birthday
or any day

that you wouldn't be there
until now

Never did I imagine the emptyness I would feel
the loneliness, and yes at times despair

of you not being there
until now

Today was the first time, the first 'first' that you didn't share
Today was the first time that the early morning call didn't come

you were not there.

The first birthday I had to spend without you Mama.

I will not be able to share another first with you until my first day in Heaven.
That day I know as I look in the face of My Lord,

I will look to His side and there standing next to Him


You will be there.


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A Daughter's Love

Every tear you'd cry

I'd wish I wasn't the reason why,

You sat alone at night

After every little fight.

I can't remember when I was little

All those memories have dwindled.,

Maybe you were happy then

Unlike now when you try to pretend.

You hold on so tightly

Although you die inside nightly,

Maybe they can't see

Or maybe it's just me.

A strength so strong,

Always trying to right the wrong,

Even though what you do

Can sometimes backfire on you.

The heart of an angel,

One made of gold,

Capturing so many souls

That you forever hold.

A broken soul

Just like the rest,

But out of us all

You are the best.

Trying so hard

To hold us all together,

Even though it doesn't work

I'll love you forever.

My mother,

Who carried me through the yers,

Holding me up,

Chasing away the nightmares.

When I was little

And I'd cry at night,

You were always there

To hold me so tight.

Every promise that never came true,

Despite everything

I could always count on you

To pull me through.

My angel,

Sent to me from above,

There's nothing that couldn't be fixed

With one of your hugs.

Even though we fight

I'm proud to call you mine,

My mother and world

Until the end of time.

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