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What I want you to know about me...

**Pansexual (I Love Everyone Equally!!) :3 <3
**I Have A Thing For Piercings/Tattoos (Artwork At Its Finest) <3
**Hair Dye = Greatest Invention Ever....Sike! (But Seriously I Dye My Hair....A Lot) >.>
**Sports = Borrrrring *yawns* v.v
**Writing = My World <3
**Music = My Escape <3
*Black Veil Brides = My Saviors <3
**Reading = A Whole New World <3
**Drawing = My Latest Hobby <3

About My Navel

Oh navel, Oh navel;
What use are you to me,
You lie inside my belly..... (I think)
And yet are rarely seen.
Oh navel, Oh navel;
Who helped in birth,
Now laying hidden,
Under a shirt.

^^(Yeah Just So We're Clear....I Have No Idea What Made Me Write That.) :D


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