When she wondered if she had ever seen anything as beautiful as her baby

a voice inside her answered


and when she wondered how long this feeling of love would last

that same voice whispered




When she was a young girl she climbed into her mother’s lap

and asked this question, so innocently…

“Momma,” she said, “I was wondering

will you ever stop loving me?”


Her mom gave her a hug, an extra long hug

then resting her chin on her daughter’s head

“Let me tell you a little secret…about being a mother”..she said.


“I’ve loved you from the moment inside me…I felt your life begin…

I love you every time I breathe out…

and every time I breathe in…


I will never stop loving you…never…

I will never discredit our doubt you

I will never stop thinking or worrying…

or wishing or dreaming about you.


I love you just as much when you’re here in my lap

as I’ll love you when you’re fully grown…

I’ll love you the same when you’re no longer living with me…

when you’re married with kids of your own…


It’s something all mother’s feel

in our hearts in our souls in our brains…

a love that is with us… that will never end… 

a wonderful secret we cannot explain.”


And the young girl felt that love all of her life

and was ready when her daughter climbed on her knee…

and asked with the innocence of a child…


“Momma…will you ever stop loving me?”

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To my unborn child

To my unborn child

May you know the love we already have

The love from mom and dad

The joy you bring to us

As time seems slow we dont want to rush

Dad ready to see you

Mom cant wait to meet you

Take your time growing these next 8 months

For when the day comes were going to up in ruts

Daddy already planning for your arrival

I just hope he can manage the survival 

As mommy will put him through alot

But you will always be what we thought

A blessing to us you shall be

Wait until your here and you will see!!!



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