She sang just above a whisper…her sleeping baby on her thigh

having already succumbed to the enchantment of her mother’s lullaby.


The mother nodded when we stopped to listen before moving along

Then smiled at her baby and continued with her song.


The street was a buzz of people…a briskly moving throng.

Everyone too busy…too preoccupied…to hear this mother’s song.


But we felt privileged…

we felt honored we were there to spy

one of the greatest gifts we can witness in life…

a mother’s lullaby.



When you were born you were so tiny.

I was already taken with your charms.

We both began to cry until they put you in my arms.


I think I know what made us stop.

It was easy for me to see.

We both could hear the music of two hearts in harmony.


When you were born you couldn’t talk…but to my surprise

You seemed to say so much to me…when I looked into your eyes.


When you were born you couldn’t walk.

You didn’t have a clue…

but that didn’t matter because anywhere we went…I would carry you.


When you grew up…began walking on your own

I was there to guide you

and as you became more independent…I was proud to walk beside you


When you grew up…you didn’t stop talking

but, to my surprise

I still found so much meaning…when I looked into your eyes.


Even now, when you’re upset

If I hold you close to me

We both calm down when we feel…two hearts in harmony.


And after all these years and all life’s changes

I’m still just as taken with your charms…

as I was the day when you were born

the day they put you in my arms.


As I was the day you began to crawl…

the day you began to walk…

The day you smiled at me with your eyes…

the day you began to talk…


And even though we’re not as together

as we once used to be

In quiet moments I still feel it…

don’t you?


two hearts in harmony.


When she wondered if she had ever seen anything as beautiful as her baby

a voice inside her answered


and when she wondered how long this feeling of love would last

that same voice whispered