With this poem I begin to celebrate mothers…

their wonder, their compassion…their mystique… 

I’m not waiting until Sunday however…

I’ll be celebrating every day this week:



As the day to celebrate moms approaches wouldn’t it be great to find a way

to act toward one another as if every day was Mother’s day.


We wouldn’t have to change a lot…wouldn’t have to make too much of a fuss

if we treated the entire world the way our mother’s treated us.


Just like Mom…

we’d share a smile with everyone and we would have the knack

of discovering the perfect way…to make them smile back.


Just like Mom…

we would comment on their beauty…their face, their eyes, their hair

and we would try to make them feel special any time and anywhere.


Just like Mom…

we would applaud the little things they do…by their smallest gestures we’d be enthralled.

We would encourage their success but help them up if they should fall.


Just like Mom…

we would treat the world with love and kindness, 

help to heal other’s pains and aches

We would be accepting, 

we’d be gentle 

and we’d forgive them their mistakes.


Just like Mom… 

We would find more time to play, we’d find more time to share.

We would show others by our actions they are important…that we care.


Wouldn’t this world be a better place…more harmonious and calm…

If we treated every creature, 



just like Mom?

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