When a woman becomes a mother…when inside she begins to feel her child grow…

those of us lucky enough to witness this miracle…notice how that mother-to-be glows.


And as her children grow…a mother shows her love for them a little every day…

a love she still feels, but doesn’t always get to show, when they grow up and move away.


As Amy and Ryan make the final preparations for their upcoming wedding day…

The love of their two mothers, Sue and Deborah…is now on full display.


When I see them I think back to when Amy and Ryan were babies and all the times in those early years…when the love they felt within their hearts got whispered in their baby’s ears.


How many times did they hug them…rest their chins on their heads from above…

smile…and tell them in a whisper…the secret to a mother’s love?


How thy loved them from the moment they felt their life begin…

How they love them every time they breathe out…

and every time they breathe in.


How they’ll never stop loving them…

How they’ll never ignore, disgrace or doubt them…

How they’ll never stop thinking or worrying…

or wishing or dreaming about them.


A secret shared between every mother and child…

that is easier to show than to explain…

a secret throughout the years…whispered over and over again.


When I’m blessed to bask in their mother’s love…even for a little while

When I see how they look at their children…when I see how that makes them smile..


I think about that glow new mothers-to-be have…a glow that’s easy to discern…

and I think in these two mothers…

even after all these years

how quickly that glow returns.


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Five words he will always remember…five words he still adores…five words his mother used to say: Because I love you more.


So many times she did without so he could have what he was asking for…her simple explanation: Because I love you more.


He remembers a time when the piece of cake he was eating fell onto the floor…she smiled and slid the last piece to him saying, “Because I love you more.”


There were times she bought him new clothes…while old and tattered ones she wore…"Why didn’t you buy that new dress?" he asked…because I loved you more.


He knew they didn’t have much…but never did he feel poor…His mom wouldn’t let that happen…because I love you more.


When his mother became sick and he came home to take care of her…She asked, “What did you do that for.” 

“Whatever I was doing can wait, he said,: Because I love you more”.


And when the day came to say goodbye…He held her hand tighter than he had ever held her hand before….

I am the man I am today he whispered…because you loved me more.


Five words he uses with his children…five words he hopes they will adore…five words his mother taught him: Because I love you more.

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There are a myriad of reasons he loved his mother…

From the pancakes she made on Saturday mornings to their walks along the sands

but what fascinated him the most was how she could smile with her eyes 

and the way she whispered with her hands.


His mother was deaf…she could not hear…

which meant words were hard for her to say…

so in order to communicate…they had to find another way.


So he learned to listen to her eyes…

he learned her eyes could say so much….

and in the confinement of her silence

he discovered the wonder of her touch.


Her eyes spoke of her joy, her fear

her surprise…her sadness too.

and on those days when he needed it most

her eyes said, I love you.


Her hands were a comfort to her, 

and offered him comfort too

and when she took her hands in his

he felt them whisper…I love you.


And though his mother never heard his words

and her words were forever hard to understand…

all his life he saw the love spoken by her eyes

and heard it whispered through her hands.

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On the day her son was born…a day of happiness and joy

the doctor came to her bedside and said, “There’s a problem with your boy.”


“He will never be like other boys.” the doctor said

“You should think about finding him a permanent place to stay.

It will make your life so much easier…and he won’t be in the way.”


“I know just the place.” the mother said.

Where he’ll be happy and free to roam.

Then she thanked the doctor, packed their bags and took her baby home.


“You know it wouldn’t be easy.” the doctor said.

The mother smiled…. “Answer me this quiz:

When it comes to being easy..what life ever is?”


His teachers said it’s difficult for him to learn

that he has a short attention span…

“I know.” His mother smiled and said, “let’s just teach him what we can.”


“You know it won’t be easy.” the teacher said

The mother smiled…. “Answer me this quiz:

When it comes to being easy..what life ever is?”


All her life she’s worried about him

as all mothers do

anyplace he ever went 

anytime he started something new.


And to everyone who told her it won’t be easy

she gave them this same quiz:

“When it comes to being easy,” she’d ask, “what life ever is?”


She worked to make his life meaningful

never thinking as the years passed in such a blur

that as she brought meaning into his life

he brought meaning into hers.


And though it wasn’t always easy…

What life ever is?

She’s glad from the beginning 

she knew


the answer to her quiz.

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As we sit alone together inside our hospital room

It was only but one day ago I held you in my womb.


And today although you’re still too young to fully understand

In what truly is a miracle…I’m holding you in my hands.


How fast we must adjust…adapt…how swiftly we rearrange

This is your first life lesson…how quickly life can change.


There will come a day you no longer fit inside my hands…but do not be too alarmed

because there will never come a time…you don’t fit inside my arms.


You see there’s something magical about a mother’s love…that all your life holds true

It doesn’t matter how big you grow…my love will grow with you.


So as I stare into your eyes today….I find it easy to admit

from my womb, to my hands, to my arms…you are a perfect fit


And I promise I will love you…and be captivated by your charms


as long as I am living…as long as you fit inside my arms.

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With this poem I begin to celebrate mothers…

their wonder, their compassion…their mystique… 

I’m not waiting until Sunday however…

I’ll be celebrating every day this week:



As the day to celebrate moms approaches wouldn’t it be great to find a way

to act toward one another as if every day was Mother’s day.


We wouldn’t have to change a lot…wouldn’t have to make too much of a fuss

if we treated the entire world the way our mother’s treated us.


Just like Mom…

we’d share a smile with everyone and we would have the knack

of discovering the perfect way…to make them smile back.


Just like Mom…

we would comment on their beauty…their face, their eyes, their hair

and we would try to make them feel special any time and anywhere.


Just like Mom…

we would applaud the little things they do…by their smallest gestures we’d be enthralled.

We would encourage their success but help them up if they should fall.


Just like Mom…

we would treat the world with love and kindness, 

help to heal other’s pains and aches

We would be accepting, 

we’d be gentle 

and we’d forgive them their mistakes.


Just like Mom… 

We would find more time to play, we’d find more time to share.

We would show others by our actions they are important…that we care.


Wouldn’t this world be a better place…more harmonious and calm…

If we treated every creature, 



just like Mom?

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He was moving out to be on his own. 

She was filled with happiness…and dread

“Drive safe…don’t forget to call me when you get there…

and remember…I love you…she said.


“Mom!” he said rolling his eyes, then smiling facetiously, 

“I wonder in all the years I’ve lived here…

how many times have you said I love you to me.”


Which immediately started her thinking as her heart was beginning to bleed

“How many times have I said I love you?” she whispered.

“How many times indeed.”


“How many times have I held you in my arms?

How many times have I seen you laugh, seen you cry?

How many times have I read you a story or sang you a lullaby?”


“How many sandwiches have I made for you?

How many cookies or pies or ice cream?

How many lunches have I packed you over the years

How many times have I watched as you dream?”


“How many times have I worried about you?

How many solutions to your problems did I seek?

How many times have I bandaged your knees?

How many tears have I wiped from your cheeks?”


“In all of the times I’ve hugged you hello,”

She said as a tear fell from her eye,

“I never dreamed this day would come

the first time I’d be hugging goodbye.”


“So no matter how many times we say goodbye

each time for me is going to be rough

and no matter how many times I’ve told you I love you


one more time is never enough.”


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Her dream had just been shattered…she thought her life was through…

she ran to her mother crying…unsure what she should do.


Her mother welcomed her into her arms…she knew what she would say.

She’d say whatever happens in life…do not put your dreams away.


She’d say sometimes dreams are broken…as life thunders along

but your heart is reparable…it is resolute and pure…and strong.


She’d say yes this one dream’s broken…but this I know is true…

You are still a dreamer….and the next dream begins with you….


She’d say though it is very sad…this latest dream is gone

you will soon create another dream and your heart will lead you on…


She’d say I will be here to hold you…when any dream of yours comes true…

and if any dream should fail…I’ll be here to hold you too….


Yes, she was ready with the answers…she knew just what to say…

but that was for another moment…another time…another day…


For in this moment she said nothing…there’s a simple reason why…


a mother knows that sometimes…a daughter needs to cry.

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When she was a young girl she climbed into her mother’s lap

and asked this question, so innocently…

“Momma,” she said, “I was wondering

will you ever stop loving me?”


Her mom gave her a hug, an extra long hug

then resting her chin on her daughter’s head

“Let me tell you a little secret…about being a mother”..she said.


“I’ve loved you from the moment inside me…I felt your life begin…

I love you every time I breathe out…

and every time I breathe in…


I will never stop loving you…never…

I will never discredit our doubt you

I will never stop thinking or worrying…

or wishing or dreaming about you.


I love you just as much when you’re here in my lap

as I’ll love you when you’re fully grown…

I’ll love you the same when you’re no longer living with me…

when you’re married with kids of your own…


It’s something all mother’s feel

in our hearts in our souls in our brains…

a love that is with us… that will never end… 

a wonderful secret we cannot explain.”


And the young girl felt that love all of her life

and was ready when her daughter climbed on her knee…

and asked with the innocence of a child…


“Momma…will you ever stop loving me?”

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