The Big Picture

Just a thought!

The big picture shrouds your pitfalls and woes

You speak wanting anyone to hear

Some one cares

Words echo into oblivion

You're only here a minute in time

You contend with the Earth

She's been here 4.5 billion years

She's heard it all, it matters not

Here to procreate and be processed

In the end you're worm food

feeding the earth so she may live.

Get over yourself!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too real for ya?...lolTongue Out         ....."This message brought to you by Mother Earth".....

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Nature / Folder 1




you may 

love her

hate her

curse her

leave her

hit her

rob her

hurt her

lie to her

cheat her

ignore her

belittle her

betray her

slay her

degrade her


but the fact is,


you came into existence

asking to live,

and she had many opportunities to run from you,

and erase your life,

and she did not run from you,

 and so therefore, no matter how much you 

are tempted to blame her

for your own unhappiness,

the blame will always be shared with one other 









© 2013





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Man's Three Priorities (Procreate, Protect, Provide)

Why and what order does man exist on earth?
First to procreate and promote birth,
For little more than plant his seeds,
Reflects a man's desires and needs,
Countless seeds to plant each day,
While women bear with much delay.


Man's procreation he Protects
His wife and children must respect,
That in his failure to provide,
Protecting them he must abide
Mental, physical, fiscal well-being,
all these things man is foreseeing.


Once his family is secure,
Providing now he must endure,

Provisions bring great happiness,
his protected procreation blessed,
But if not safe, or if not born,
He can't provide, but only mourn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

something I learned on the Dennis Prager show (w/ Alison Armstrong)

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