From me he created you Eve, a sign of eternal love,
bonded by the flesh united as one.


From you he great temptation, our internal sin and
subconscious demise.


We recognize the sin in action with empty vows on top
of broken promises, tarring her heart apart with only
sorrow of a dead soul,


we cherish your imperfection, for life is your motherly
compassion that shines, you do what Men do just as well
the equal society you fought for.

We were created in two find her/him and god shall guide
you both to see that a shinny apple isn't worth your heart.


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I'm Yours

fill my ears with your secrets,

i will lock them inside my mind and keep them.

i would not dare tell a soul what i know,

with my life i guard them.

I promise my patience will allways outlast you,

to stay faithful, and never look past you,

and protect your honor so you wont have to.

When you weep and saddness fluds your eyes,

not one tear will become waste to the world,

ill sit at your side,

and wipe them dry

one by one.

Confidie in me as if I were your diary to make entry.

Im yours.

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