Love Drunk/ Fuckin Faded

What do you see in me, because in you, i see everything i've ever wanted. But what is special about me, can you say, because i can tell you about magic. To you, what am i? Do i make you smile? When you think of me, do you stare for  awhile. Does time slow in my abscense? On what scale do i matter Love, do i out weigh the world or do i barely measure up to a dollar? Do you need it all or just my hand. Forgive me, im trying to understand. Im drunk off this love. i cant see stright. This love is all ive been feeling, so tell me love, am i sacred or treasured. I just want to know if im at the top of the mountain or on a cliff. I cant see stright. I cant see a thing, but i feel this.

fuckin faded

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yeah im feelin the vibe of

yeah im feelin the vibe of that one a good read. there were a couple of spelling errors but could understand what you was writing and putting across.

thankyou for sharing your work

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She loves me, she loves me sometimes, she loves me...okay. I write in word processing "Microsoft Word" and run it through the spell checker - I spell okay, but you can't see it sometimes - straight/dollar/I've/I/% - meaning gets scattered and your meanings are so wonderfully crafted and ideated. Write more on other subjects..learn to spell great in Word check spelling and copy into pp ;D - Read lots of pp poets and write-on! ~~A~~