I fell under your spell
even though you had a boyfriend
I had a girlfriend
we found each others souls
touched each others hearts
we faced defeating feelings
For the blacking pasts
for a beter future of ours
Youve allways been there for me
allways trusted me with things
never told a lie to me
uv inspired me
to stop doing the things
that got me into trouble
Iv promised you
Ill keep that promise
and only that promise
there will be no more suffering
no more darkness
no more danger
as will people look at us
for doing what we have done
for leaving the ones we cared for
to be with each other
what will our friends think
what will our family think
im not worried about what they think
As long as i have you nothing can go bad

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as my 1st poem for this person she will hopefully read it, and to let her kno i really do care for her

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