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Damien's Lost Scripts Chapter 8 Teaser

Lost Treasures

'We are the Damned'

We are damned if we do and damned if we don't. When reality itself becomes so skewered to the point where right becomes what is wrong and wrong is replaced by what is normal. Morality itself ripped from the thighs of the innocent virgin. With a wicked grin, his pale boney hands molest your dreams and all that you once held to be pure. Those evil and cold eyes stare into your soul, devouring every last bit of hope you had left. Left to dance with the devil as you set sail across the lake of fire in nothing but your pride. Cast out your demons and shed your sins and walk from your doubts.

We were all born into this life innocent and we will all perish in a stale ignorance, to what reality truly means. We exist, we live in passing moments. Most find those moments to be trials, a constant struggle. As a silent prayer is ushered to ease their burden, that was a product of their own unintentional doing.

The reaper stands before me, as I see my own reflection within his cold dead stare. We are our own harbingers of our own destruction. We posses the knowledge of our own self preservation, though we choose to act with malice and hate, hellbent on domination.
We are the damned, just bullies on the playground. Where we are living in the land of the dead and silenced. The lies spun through your head by the same hypocrites who deal out the dirty deeds. We walk a path made from the pound of flesh we bartered for our few trinkets. Death welcomes those who brave the journey through the fear and loathing of today's world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a little teaser from Chapter 8 of my upcoming book "Damien's Lost Scripts" Hope you enjoy it!

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The Civilized Man

Lost Treasures

'The Civilized Man'

Who are these people? These strange faces surrounding me and my god they are closing in on me, going in for the kill. They want to tear the flesh from my bones and feast on my brains. Zombies, everyone of you. Insanity; the world is drowning in it and the lifeguard is off duty. Our outcome is bleak. It's tunnel vision on steroids with an ego to boot. Theses faces who can only focus on what is placed before them. There must be some, who like me feel so impacted by the sheer lunacy of their chaos chose sedation over a revolt of the whole damned system.
It is a joke, a mockery and we believe the dream within the dream, that ultimate illusion known as 'this reality'. We invest so much into this mad circus we quickly lose sight of what is real. Our minds trapped to old dogmas, with an ever closing narrow mindedness. A bigotry all our own.
You claim to be the civilized man. You want me to believe that you are guided by some higher sense of morality. You tell me that because you can break the genome, you are somehow educated. So once again you claim to be a man, when your actions reveal you to be Monsters, hypocrites, liars, thieves, killers, animals who act with malice and hate. Murders for pleasure, and you decry to me that we can be saved? For those who promote salvation find themselves damned and forsaken.
Those who shout for love and peace find their pleas fall on deaf ears. Its strange that violence has become the norm and those in opposition find themselves abandoned by the machine that is our “Freedom”. A civilized man would not need a master, but then again you are not a civilized man, but a savage in paradise, for the world becomes your hunting grounds.

'The God Within'

There is a man stalking the woods, hunting for his prey. As he enters into a clearing he spots his victim. Quietly he takes aim, then he advances and tonight this man will eat.
The trees lush with foliage, a gentle summer breeze. It is the calm before the storm, the silence before the chaos. When the sun hides, wicked men will play. Without faith, despair destroys courage.
I am man, I am human. I breath therefor I live. I feel so therefor I experience, and I know, I am self aware. Intelligent enough to know my conscious thoughts and subconscious mind. I also understand I cannot begin to fathom the workings of which yet becomes a gauge for our own morality. No matter how tight you make the collar, no other man's laws shall ever speak louder than your own convictions. Where your body becomes your own temple. Your mind and thoughts while not unique to the subconsciousness, they are your own and shall never be manipulated without your consent.
Evil exists within us all, a potential to sin and easy to harbor negativity. We have all stared into the black part of our soul to either embrace it or at the very least understand it. Our consciousness, our soul, that little voice inside your head that tells you that what you are doing is wrong. However with love there must be hate, a duality equally shared within you on the quantum level. For if there is evil in you there is also something good. It is through our choice of actions, that we manifest our reality. Knowledge becomes our key, to understanding a brain so complex that we only use a fraction of it. Forgotten and lost is our ability to tap into such a powerful part of ourselves.

The possibilities become endless, yet we still lack the very understanding of such a gift. Time and time again we gain a brief glance at the potential for such feats and marvels, When few people are able to unlock parts of their brains producing astounding works of art, or solving almost impossible complex mathematical codes.

“We all hold the key to enlightenment within our minds,
and retaining that blissful ignorance is still just an Illusion.
Where knowledge becomes the voice of truth, as I follow in the
steps of Odin, seeking answers to the mystery of all this.
Not of life or death, but the answer to my question.
If reality is that which I perceive it to be.
When will we awake from this lustrous dream?”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is from Chapter 7 of my book "Damien's Lost Scripts" I hope you all enjoy this piece. I had a very difficult time in this piece, as Im sure it will show in flow of reading it... Finding the right words were quite difficult, and if this is any indication of how future pieces will go then I really am in for a hell of a ride.

The Beauty of the Muse - Lost Treasures ReDux

Lost Treasures

“The Beauty of the Muse”
By: The Dead Poet

Whisper to me your secret, I promise to keep it.
Confess your fear, and what you love as you have my ear.
Just close your eyes, the world evaporates and reality dies.

“There lies a sleeping beauty in her ivory casket
Beautiful and innocent to the brutality around her
As her hero becomes trapped within the devil's fortress.”

So much pain has passed through this soul of mine,
breaching the gates, using the same worn out line.
I suffer from a chemical imbalance,
Your stupidity bolstering your unbreakable chalice
No matter what is to be said, nothing will sway how you feel
a criminal mastermind for a heart you just had to steal.
Holding it within your hands, was crushing it part of your plans?
I am sorry I was not what you wanted or expected,
that my mind a haunted playground had you already rejected.

“This reality, only seems to fade away
tunnel vision when I am within eyesight of you.
Losing all sense of time, as the night fades into the day.
Becoming lost within the beauty of the muse.”

If we were not meant to last, you shall exist within my past.
The memories over time will decay, as shadows creep into my mind to play.
Leaving doubts, planting seeds of distrust.
Now becoming lost within a forest of thought,
Seeing gods; where ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Seeing a soul; that has become hopelessly lost.

“I had once saw the crystal clear blue skies above,
I had even once gave my heart over to unconditional love.
Not once, not twice, not even a third time but many, many more.
For in this life it would seem to be the only sane thing to die for.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hmmmm maybe I am not out of practice as I had thought

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