Damien's Lost Scripts Chapter 8 Teaser

Lost Treasures

'We are the Damned'

We are damned if we do and damned if we don't. When reality itself becomes so skewered to the point where right becomes what is wrong and wrong is replaced by what is normal. Morality itself ripped from the thighs of the innocent virgin. With a wicked grin, his pale boney hands molest your dreams and all that you once held to be pure. Those evil and cold eyes stare into your soul, devouring every last bit of hope you had left. Left to dance with the devil as you set sail across the lake of fire in nothing but your pride. Cast out your demons and shed your sins and walk from your doubts.

We were all born into this life innocent and we will all perish in a stale ignorance, to what reality truly means. We exist, we live in passing moments. Most find those moments to be trials, a constant struggle. As a silent prayer is ushered to ease their burden, that was a product of their own unintentional doing.

The reaper stands before me, as I see my own reflection within his cold dead stare. We are our own harbingers of our own destruction. We posses the knowledge of our own self preservation, though we choose to act with malice and hate, hellbent on domination.
We are the damned, just bullies on the playground. Where we are living in the land of the dead and silenced. The lies spun through your head by the same hypocrites who deal out the dirty deeds. We walk a path made from the pound of flesh we bartered for our few trinkets. Death welcomes those who brave the journey through the fear and loathing of today's world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a little teaser from Chapter 8 of my upcoming book "Damien's Lost Scripts" Hope you enjoy it!

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