Stolen Image


Eyes closed, daydreaming as the sun rises,
Thinking about the way i felt when my twin died.
She didnt have much to live for, but atleast she tried.
She had soo many chances at LIFE and blew them all.
Life full of opprotunities, but she was afriad to FALL.
She lashed out, acted out, FAUGHT, and rebelled.
Not knowing she was making her bed in HELL!
But she got my RESPECT because if she SHOULD fall,
She would get back up and go 10 times strong.
She was strong as an ox, BRIGHT , and wise.
But she still played those games with great despise.
With REGRETS and mistakes, VIOLENCE and BLISSFULL hate!
My heart bleeded.
Her mouth spoke but her HEART cheated.
"I loved you girl, to me you mean the WORLD, you all I LIVE for, your all I AM"
she said with a smerk.
She made me BLEED hate, my feelings now HURT.
But i replyed with STYLE and RESPECT for DISRESPECT.
"You've had your TIME, sand has all run OUT. It's time for you to GO! And i have to be the one to take you OUT!
But still she SMILED.
She made me SICK!
So i had to do it!
I grabed my gun and a box of BULLETS.
I stood right in front of her with the GUN to her FACE, in my eyes she gazed.
"So this is what it has come to? Down to the bottom? Just ME and YOU?
I said as i aimed the gun closer to her face.
"Take me out before i take you OUT!"
She demanded
I aimed the gun between her eyes ABOVE the nose my GUN right-handed.
She smiled........this EVIL smile of defeat, anger, LOVE, happiness, and DEFEAT.
She didnt think i had the HEART she took my kindness for WEAK.
I got my stance with my feet spread apart.
She had betrayed me, slanderd, vandilized, and demolished my name.
She had to go. It was time for me for ME.
The thought of her winning made me FURIOUS.
She'd thought she'd won. I aimed at her face and COCKED my gun.
She didnt smile anymore. Eyes widened as I SMERKED I pulled the trigger.
I shot until i couldn't shoot anymore.
I laughed as her body shook, trimbled, and watched the blood hit the floor.
She had stopped.
She's Gone.
She grabbed my leg with blood gushing from her mouth.
She struggled to pull me down.
But I wasnt going with her.
I couldnt fight anymore.
I didnt fight, I didnt CARE, she's NOT my real sister.
But just a figment of my IMAGINATION.
She disappeared. I reflected on my LIFE.
This girl people had known was GONE.
She's not ME anymore.
People had grown the HATE, LOVE, and ADORE,
Was not me, not the real me, But was nothing more than a reflection of my LIFE.
A reminder of what I could have BEEN.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A creative writing assignment.

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