Huntress Moon i

Wulfman Adventures

The sun still shines
Making the snow a glistening mirror
Blinding, staggering
Yet I paw forward
The strength boiling within me
Rippling my fur in a throaty growl

I chase the facade man, the broken relic
All is useless when I am no longer that persona
Under the Huntress Moon, I trail the hunted prey

Clouds of frosty breath escapes the panting mouth
Eyes bleak, focusing and locking
For the prey is at hand, then a hand touches me

Caressing my shoulder, calming down the wulf rage
In puzzle moment, I look to the left seeing only a ghost
A ghost among a sea of ghost

I am a hunter being haunted, I am full of life
A pulsing heart in the dead world I call the Highway
I am a target, as I march forth after the one prey that matters

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